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Beyond the stereotypes that show Spain as a country devoted to the bullfighting, flamenco and siesta, the reality is that of a fascinating country in which to enjoy holidays and breaks with a diverse offer of art, cuisine, beaches, and natural sites as well as the joy which is the main feature of the Spanish lifestyle.

Witness of diverse civilizations and cultures, Spain has a vast repertoire of opportunities for the traveler. From the sinuous forms of the modernism of Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona, to the passion that runs through the tapas bars of Andalusia, or the irrational charm of the Golden Triangle of Art museums in Madrid, to the secluded beaches that are still hiding in the Mediterranean Spain; there is an option for everyone and a continuous feast of sensations and emotions.

It is in the luxury hotels in Spain from which to approach the dynamism and creativity that coexists with ancient and respected traditions.

The mixture of tradition and vanguard are unique of the Spanish character and it is manifested in its rich cultural heritage present in all the regions that transport the travelers.

The essence of the days in Spain is festiveness and can be seen alone or with company in the everyday situations. Enjoy exclusive luxury hotels in Spain with the proposals from Eurostars Hotels.

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