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Ikonik Hotels

Positive Living!

Another way of travelling
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We’re cosmopolitan, with a forward-looking edge. We’re dynamic and optimistic. We’re interested in culture, art and music. We’re eager to enjoy the latest and greatest, and love to share it. We build on the authentic to achieve the alternative. We’re keen and efficient... but always open and welcoming.

A hotel that you choose

  • Different and always surprising

    We believe that travel is a way to connect with the world. Each destination is different, and to discover their secrets, you should keep an open mind and travel without any preconceived ideas. Let yourself be surprised and enjoy the most authentic side of each place.
  • Modernity and design

    We’re known for our elegant designs that sometimes border on extravagance, but always have a clear intention: to create an impact. Considered aesthetics, interior design and image are part of the brand’s essence.
  • Trend-setters

    We like being different and going a step further to offer our guests exciting and memorable experiences. Ikonik Hotels is the ideal option for a stay that never disappoints.

Positive Living!

We like being different and staying one step ahead to offer our guests vibrant and memorable experiences. Ikonik Hotels is the perfect choice for a stay that will never disappoint.

Ikonik Moments

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  • Open spaces

    Interiors designed to be inviting while creating an unexpected first impression.
    Open spaces
  • Our team are our best ambassadors

    Our employees represent the Ikonik values with their dedication to looking after our guests.
    Our team are our best ambassadors
  • Eat healthy, eat well

    We have many options, so you can tickle your taste buds with the best choice whenever you like.
    Eat healthy, eat well
  • But first… Coffee!

    The magic of a good day starts with a good breakfast. Healthy dishes for everyone; organic, gluten-free and 0km products, with special options for vegans.
    But first… Coffee!