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How do I become a Star Traveler?
To be a Star Traveler, first, you will have to make a reservation through our official website. After you have enjoyed your stay, you will receive an invitation by e-mail and then you can join the club.Star Traveler was launched in November 2016, so the invitation will be sent to clients who have completed a stay after that date.
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Book your next stay through our official website and after enjoying it you will receive an invitation to join the club.
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Do you want to be a Star Traveler? Make your next reservation through our official website and you will receive an invitation to join the club after enjoying your stay.
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The more reservations you accumulate in a year, the more benefits you will have on each of your stays. Guide yourself by the stars and check what benefits your are entitled to.
1 to 5 reservations in one year
6 to 20 reservation in one year
+ 20 reservations
  • Advantages
    • Free breakfast buffet (except)
      * Except in the hotels Eurostars Magnificent Mile, Eurostars Araguaney, Eurostars Vintro, Eurostars Diana Palace and Eurostars Toscana.
    • Bottle of water
    • Late check out & Early Check In
      (subject to availability)
    • Welcome Chocolates
    • Slippers and Bathrobe
    • Room upgrade
      (upon availability)
  • Other advantages
    • Best rate guaranteed
    • Exclusive offers and promotions
    • Access to competitions
    • Birthday surprise
    • One night free stay
      (subject to availability)
Get answers Frequently asked questions
  • Star Traveler is a loyalty programme the Eurostars chain offers with which you can enjoy a great number of benefits during your stay. The more you travel the more benefits you’ll enjoy each time you book.
  • You can use your benefits in the over 100 Eurostars hotels worldwide.
  • After accepting the invitation you’ll receive after enjoying your stay, Eurostars Hotels will send you an email with access codes you can use to access your account. You can modify these codes on the personal area of your Star Traveler account.
  • The Corporate and Star Traveler accounts aren’t compatible. If you have a Corporate account you have some advantages and benefits that cannot be accumulated with a Star Traveler account, so you won’t be able to receive the invitation to join the programme.
  • Whenever you book through our official channels, the stay will be entered once you check out. Stays that are booked on third-party platforms or through negotiated rates don’t count for Star Traveler accounts. If you have noticed there’s a stay missing in your account, get in touch on, providing us with your booking reference number, and we’ll solve the issue. We can only add stays with a check-out date within the last 12 months.
  • When you want to enjoy your free stay, just send us an email to stating the date and the hotel you want so we can check availability for the requested dates with the hotel.
  • No, Star Traveler benefits are not applicable to flight + hotel bookings.
  • To change the password of your Star Traveler account, you must first access your account with the one assigned to you by default. Once there, click on “My Personal Data”, where you’ll find the section "Modify Password".
  • You can check the terms and conditions here :
  • The benefits you are entitled to for being part of the Star Traveler club will vary according to the number of bookings you’ve made in one year. If you have made 1 to 5 bookings, you get a blue star, if you’ve made 6 to 20 bookings you get a silver star and if you’ve made more than 20 bookings you are entitled to the gold star. The benefits blue star guests enjoy are: bottle of water and late check-out & early check-in (subject to availability). The benefits silver star guests enjoy are: welcome chocolates, slippers and bathrobe and room upgrade (subject to availability). If you become a gold guest, you can enjoy a free night's stay.
  • To become a Star Traveler, you’ll have to confirm a booking on , through our call centre or directly at the hotel. After you’ve enjoyed your stay, we’ll send you an invitation to your email and after accepting it, you’ll receive your club access codes.
  • No, you can’t. The invitation will only be sent to those who have booked through official channels: on , through our call centre or directly at the hotel.
  • The invitation to be Star Traveler is sent after checking out at the hotel. It won’t be sent if you booked through any page other than Eurostars Hotels’ official website or through your Corporate account. If after 24 hours, your email invitation hasn’t arrived, get in touch on, providing us with your booking reference number and we’ll resend it.
  • You can check the benefits you are entitled to by going to your personal area and finding out what your Star Traveler level is.
  • On, where access credentials are requested, under the “Enter” button, click on “I forgot my password". You have to enter the email address you used to register and we’ll send you an email to that same address with your new password.
  • To unsubscribe from the Star Traveler programme, you have to send an email to:
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