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        Our spa

        The Hotel Eurostars Madrid Tower Spa & Health Club is the urban answer to body care. An authentic exclusive oasis where you will find balance through massages, hydrotherapy and relaxation. The atmosphere wraps around you so that you can reach that moment in which time stops and the mind harmonizes with the body. We provide moments of relaxation and well-being through our specialized massages and treatments that will make you enjoy unique sensations. Its unique location allows you to observe the city from a different perspective, exactly 120 over it, creating some distance but keeping it in mind. Every stressor, anxiety, worry, fatigue, pollution, noise, etc., goes away. The therapist’s hands, water on your body, a rebalancing drink, give way to recovery, rest, well-being. In short, we want to help you find yourself, appreciating and pampering the body you inhabit.

        Cancellation Policy
        Dear guest,We wish to let you know that if you cancel or modify your booking with the SPA, you can do so free of charge by contacting us directly at least 24 hours before your booking time.
        If you cancel your booking with less than 24 hours’ prior notice, there will be a charge of 50% of the booked service.
        For bookings that are not cancelled on time or for no-shows, there will be a charge of the entire booking price and, if it was paid for with a gift voucher, this shall be deemed to have been spent.
        Please be aware that if there is any charge made for the service booked, they will be made directly to the hotel room if you are a hotel guest or to the credit card provided as a guarantee if you are not.

        Opening hours

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        Thermal circuit

        You will enjoy a relaxing atmosphere, surrounded by magnificent views in our exclusive space, located on the 29th floor of the building, where you will find a splendid Hydromassage bathtub, a sauna with panoramic views and a steam bath.

        Thermal circuit rates:

        Price for hotel guests:

        1 hour circuit €18 from Monday to Thursday.
        1 hour circuit €28 Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays.

        Price for external clients:

        1 hour circuit €35 from Monday to Thursday.
        1 hour circuit €45 Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays.

        For just €15 more, make your hydrotherapy circuit a romantic experience with chocolate dipped strawberries and a bottle of cava for two people.
        Add an extra hour to your hydrotherapy circuit for 50% of the full price.(Consult availability)


        ∙ Exclusive access for people over the age of 16.
        ∙ Maximum capacity of eight people.
        ∙ Bathrobes and towels are available to guests.
        ∙ We have swimsuits for €18 and slippers for €2.
        ∙ The use of a swimming cap is obligatory.
        ∙ Please cancel at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.

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        Our fitness studio is an exclusive space for hotel guests and is designed for you to work out in accordance with your objectives using cutting-edge equipment.

        Do not hesitate to ask the Spa & Fitness Eurostars Madrid Tower team for any questions or doubts about the use of machinery.

        Opening hours

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        • Personalised massage
          • 45 min99€
          Massage tailored to individual needs, combining different massage techniques and just the right pressure for you. It can be a relaxing massage (releasing stress and improving circulation), deep-tissue massage (alleviating tension and relaxing muscles) or sports massage (alleviating muscle pain and improving flexibility). Choose your own combination in the areas to treat.
        • Relaxing Massage
          • 25 min45€
          • 45 min79€
          Tradition Swedish massage features gentle pressure, rhythmic movements and kneading tailored to the client. It works on the nervous system to promote relaxation, improves circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system. Perfect for releasing stress after a long trip.
        • Deep-tissue massage
          • 25 min55€
          • 45 min89€
          Deep-tissue massage works to alleviate tension in the body and relax muscles. It features focused kneading depending on the area of the body to treat.
        • Reflexology
          • 25 min59€
          Reflexology is based on the beneficial effects of reflexes produced through massage. This technique treats and prevents many different conditions while promoting full-body relaxation and wellbeing.
        • Head massage
          • 25 min59€
          Combines kneading techniques with pressure points to alleviate tension in the head and improve circulation in the scalp. As it treats nerve endings, it promotes a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing.
        • Sport massage
          • 45 min99€
          Sports massage is done to prevent injury, eliminate muscle fatigue and improve performance. This massage alleviates pain and improves muscle flexibility.
        • Fusion Tower Massage
          • 45 min99€
          • 70 min119€
          A massage tailored to individual needs, combining different massage techniques and just the right pressure for you. The massage can be relaxing, relieving and/or sports.
        • Pinda and sesame oil massage
          • 50 min89€
          A massage done with Pinda that will achieve a moisturising and detoxifying effect thanks to the medicinal plant’s curative action in addition to providing the body with a deep relaxation and natural exfoliation.
        • Hot stone massage
          • 50 min99€
          • 75 min149€
          A massage which combines therapeutic and traditional application of stones on the skin at different temperatures. This thermal contrast effect using Stones between 50 and 20 degrees Celsius, reduces and relieves pain, generates a detox effect over the skin, and improves the circulatory system.
        • Couples massage
            Enjoy a relaxing and/or deep-tissue massage in a room for two. A unique, unforgettable experience in a room with the best views in the whole spa.
          • Abhyanga massage
            • 75 min119€
            Massage with hot oils, based on the Indian philosophy, which provides a deep relaxation. It helps to distribute energy and activate vital force, stimulates circulation, releases fatigue and stress
          • Comfort Legs
              Specific treatment that improves circulation and helps reduce discomfort, through anti-cellulite and moisturizing principles.
            • Ritual "Wake up your senses"
                It consists in an hour of thermal circuit for two people, relaxing massage of 25 min and strawberries with chocolate. Enjoy an unforgettable experience
                • 50 min119€
                Specific treatment to combat nodular cellulite and fluid retention. The green coffee used in this treatment reduces the volume and firms the skin.
              • Remineralizing treatment - Red cherry
                • 80 min129€
                Cherry based anti-inflammatory treatment with Vitamin A, C, B, which strengthens the body's defences.
              • Reducing treatment with chocolate - chocolate
                • 80 min129€
                Cocoa based treatment that helps release endorphins resulting in an energetic and positive feeling. Eliminate toxins thanks to its slimming and firming properties.
              • Reset treatment - detox
                • 80 min149€
                Treatment that favours the elimination of liquids, the purification of the organism and helps eliminate accumulated fat.
              • Purifying treatment with aloe vera
                • 80 min149€
                Refreshing and detoxifying treatment, made with thermo-active seaweed, followed by a massage and a facial treatment with an aloe vera mask.
                • 80 min199€
                This treatment with Micro Active Gold works on the skin’s imperfections leaving it fine and silky through hydration and intense nutrition.
              • Facial Power Retinol
                • 45 min99€
                Treatment made with the power of the Retinol molecule, has a rejuvenating effect that provides smoothness and luminosity
              • Facial Power Oxygen
                • 45 min99€
                This treatment carries oxygen to the skin, eliminating free radicals. Creates an antipollution filter, detoxifies the skin and increases its defenses
              • Facial Power Vitamin C
                • 60 min129€
                Treatment made with a new generation of Vitamin C, more concentrated, and with pomegranate extract. High antioxidant power.
              • Facial Power Hyaluronic
                • 60 min129€
                This facial treatment restructures and firms the skin from the inside, restores firmness and elasticity through hyaluronic acid, providing extra hydration in the skin.
              • Express Manicure
                • 30 min25€
                Nail shaping, massage and polish.
              • Tower Manicure
                • 60 min40€
                Nail shaping, cuticles, exfoliation, massage and polish.
              • Manicure with semi-permanent enamelling
                  Express manicure: € 40 | Tower manicure: € 55
                • Nails polish remover
                  • Express Pedicure
                    • 30 min35€
                    Nail shaping, massage and polish.
                  • Tower Pedicure
                    • 60 min55€
                    Nail shaping, cuticles, exfoliation, massage and polish.
                  • Feet polish remover
                    • Pedicure with semi-permanent enamelling
                        Express pedicure: € 50 | Tower Pedicure: € 70
                      • Men Manicure
                        • 30 min30€
                        Nail shaping, cuticles, exfoliation and massage.
                      • Men Pedicure
                        • 45 min50€
                        Nail shaping, cuticles, exfoliation and massage.