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Eurostars Grand Marina
Moll de Barcelona S/N Barcelona 08039 Spain
Eurostars Grand Marina
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Eurostars Wellness

Marina suits you

Eurostars Grand Marina invites you to enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle. The setting we’re in offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy resting without giving up a healthy lifestyle.

We have designed a range of services that combine quality gastronomy, physical exercise adapted to different fitness levels, body treatments and relaxing rituals for you, who like taking care of yourself.
It tastes good, it feels good
To start your day the best way possible, at the Eurostars Grand Marina, we offer you healthy breakfast options that are made with carefully selected products and raw ingredients from local markets and businesses. Our healthy proposal includes detox juices, which are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants from the delicious seasonal fruits with which they are made. A Mediterranean cuisine that bases its quality on the properties of olive oil and on traditional food that provides an inexhaustible source of energy.

You can enjoy our breakfasts every day from 7 am to 11 am.

Well-deserved relax
In the midst of so much activity, you need to find a space to relax and enjoy yourself without stress. Our massage offer includes a wide variety of treatments designed to balance body and mind tensions as well as to relax the muscles after physical exercise. Our team of professionals offers options that adapt to each person’s specific needs. Check our massage menu and choose yours.

In addition, fitness enthusiasts will find full equipment in our gym, which includes everything you need to exercise at any time of the day, in a large space that’s open 24 hours every weekday. You also have access to a personal trainer, who’ll design a personalised routine for you, which you can practice facing the sea while enjoying Barcelona’s warm climate.