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Travel Rooms
Miradas by Eurostars Hotels

Travel Rooms

Introducing 5 viewpoints on the Eurostars world

Discover the experience of travelling through five very different viewpoints with the same leitmotiv: travel. That unique experience that can mean making sense of your curiosity, inspire you to achieve your goals and allow you to discover unique colours and flavours. Travel is a blank page where each person can write their own path. On that long path, it is essential to choose where you stay wisely so that you will feel at home.

Travel here becomes the common thread for these five apparently different profiles, which are really closely tied. Each of them embodies the values that best define the Eurostars Hotelsbrand: art, lifestyle, business, cuisine and culture. They're all part of us, they are all part of you.
Travel Rooms #1 Bonjour Paris By Eurostars Hotels & Lovely Pepa
Join fashion blogger Alexandra Pereira, Lovely Pepa, on her journeyed to Paris with Eurostars Hotels.

"The experience of travelling is the moment just before you open your eyes. You wake up in a bed that isn't yours, and you remember where you are…"
The journey begins
Travel Rooms #2 Reach The Top By Eurostars Hotels & Álex González
Accompany Álex González as he gets ready at the Eurostars Madrid Tower while telling us the tale of the lion and the gazelle.

"Life is a long-distance race. Start off slowly, choose your route and your travel companions and you'll have won half the battle…"
The journey begins
Travel Rooms #3 Travel journals by Alfredo Conde
This time, we get the experience of travelling through art: literature and music will be the heroes. The voice of writer Alfredo Conde and 2 of our in-house musicians bring to life a real story that happened in idyllic Segovia.
Discover it
Travel Rooms #4 The Art of Cooking By Keiko Ogawa
Meet the painter Keiko Ogawa and chef Pablo García and let yourself go in a trip through senses with Eurostars Hotels. Discover the parallelism between cuisine and art.

"Giving shape to your ideas, it will change from being a thought to a reality"
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