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        Spa Wellness Center

        Spalace Wellness Center: Look after yourself. Your body and mind deserve itLocated just five minutes away from the old town of Toledo, Spalace Wellness Center is the largest spa in Castilla La Mancha.
        This relaxing sanctuary measuring 1,500 square metres is located in the old cellars of the Eurostars Palacio Buenavista, bringing together the charm of this historical location with the modern fittings and a neat contemporary design. The central part of the spa is the hydrothermal circuit, split into three specialised areas, designed to offer complete and deep well-being. The spa has a garden for exclusive use where you can take in the spectacular views over the river.

        What’s more, we have a selection of massage and face and body treatments, adapted for all skin types and specific needs.

        Group celebrations, special days, seasonal offers, etc. At Spalace Wellness Center you’ll find different promotions throughout the year to enjoy our spa services and treatments.

        You can join our spa and enjoy any time the hydrothermal circuit, gym and special prices. For more information or reservation please call 618 749 796.

        Opening hours

        • Treatments and massages: Wednesday to Saturday from 12:00 to 20:00. Sundays from 10:00 to 18:00. Monday and Tuesday closed.
          Hydrothermal circuit: Currently closed.

        More information


        At Spalace Wellness Center you can enjoy a unique experience: a fully private spa equipped with avant-garde luxuries. Come and live your excellence or executive experience.

        In private spa equipped with thermal pool with different types of pressure jets, Turkish bath, Finnish sauna, solarium terrace and bathroom. It has its own treatment area and minibar. This spa suite is perfect for enjoying with children or for special celebrations.
        RATE:2 h 150 € | 1 h 80 €

        This relaxing suite can be booked for exclusive use. The elegant and warm atmosphere is perfect for a full wellness session. Its facilities include a hot tub, Turkish bath, private bathroom, treatment area and minibar with complimentary bottle of cava.
        RATE: 2 h 110 € | 1 h 60 €

        In both suites it is necessary to wear a hat, flip flops and swimsuit.
        Prices are for two people, with VAT included.
        Supplement per additional person: 15 € per hour.
        See special offers for groups of up to 8 people.

        Opening hours

        More information


        We recommend that you arrive at the reception of our Spalace Wellness Centre 10 minutes before your reservation time. A late arrival will reduce the duration of your chosen treatment. The same price will be charged, regardless of your arrival time. We allow for a 10-minute tolerance to be able to provide the service, which is deducted from your time. After this, our cancellation policy will be applied.

        The reservation may be cancelled up to 8 hours before your chosen time without incurring any charges. Otherwise, the total amount of the reserved services will be charged.

        Opening hours

        More information

          • 25 min45€
          • 50 min65€
          Deep massage to get release tension which has benefits for the muscles.

          We offer a 30% discount if you purchase a pack of 10 massages.
          • 25 min40€
          • 80 min90€
          • 50 min60€
          This relaxing massage will help you to release the stress you’ve built up and to awaken your senses thanks to the scents of the different essences.
          • 50 min65€
          Ideal for stimulating your blood circulation reducing heaviness and bloating.
        • LIGHT LEGS
          • 25 min40€
          You’ll feel like your legs are much lighter and better rested thanks to the special techniques used in this massage.
          • 50 min120€
          Synchronised massage with two professionals who will work on different parts of your body at the same time.
        • VICHY SHOWER
          • 25 min50€
          This underwater massage will help to revitalise your body.

          • 50 min70€
          Enjoy a moment of escapism in pure Hawaiian style with the rhythmic and immersive massage.
        • THAI MASSAGE
          • 50 min90€
          Try out traditional techniques from Thailand in this massage that can involve stretching or oils.
          • 50 min70€
          In this technique, hot stones are placed strategically on your body.
          • 50 min80€
          Hot aromatic bags are the central element of this relaxation ritual.
          • 50 min65€
          Thanks to acupressure on your feet, pains around your body will dissipate.
          • 20 min50€
          Relaxing massage with special technique for relaxing your head and face.
          • 80 min100€
          Discover Ayurvedic techniques and experience the benefits for your body. This includes exfoliation and an aromatherapy massage.
        • BASIC FACIAL
            Cleansing and moisturising for all skin types.
          • CITY PROOF O2
              Especially for skins that are subject to urban pollution, providing oxygenation and creating an anti-pollution barrier for your face.
            • TIME EXPERT RIDES
                Specially designed for correcting deep wrinkles and rejuvenating older skins.
              • ELECTROLIFTING
                  Firming treatment with facial equipment that works on the muscles of the face to give you a rejuvenated appearance.
                • TIME EXPERT C+
                    Brightening and firming, thanks to the effects of the Vitamin C concentrate.

                    BODY TREATMENTS
                  • GOURMET SENSATIONS
                      Have a unique experience by wrapping your body in chocolate and enjoying the various benefits it has for your skin.
                    • SPA THERAPY GOLD
                        This incredible holistic treatment nourished your body and face in-depth.
                      • WHIRLPOOL BATHS
                          Enjoy a 25-minute session in our special whirlpool bath with Epson salts.
                        • Wine Ritual
                          • 50 min65€
                        • VitC+ Suprême
                          • 50 min80€
                        • Silk veil treatment
                          • 25 min45€
                        • Lipo Stock Extreme
                          • 50 min80€
                        • SPA MANICURE
                          • 50 min40€
                          Complete manicure with hand treatment.
                        • EXPRESS MANICURE
                          • 25 min25€
                          In less than half an hour, our professional will care for and beautify your nails.
                        • SPA PEDICURE
                          • 50 min40€
                          Complete foot treatment.
                          • Ask for the prices in the hotel
                              HAIR REMOVAL
                            • SHORT HAIRSTYLING
                              • LONG HAIRSTYLING
                                • HAIRCUT
                                  • HAIRCUT AND STYLE
                                    • CHANGE OF LOOK
                                      • CHILDREN’S HAIRCUT
                                        • UP DO/CURLS
                                          • BRIDAL HAIRSTYLING
                                            • RECOVERY (3-DAY PROGRAMME)
                                                - 50’ senses and essences massage
                                                - 50’ basic facial treatment
                                                - 50’ Gourmet Sensations
                                                - Access to the spa circuit each day.
                                              • WELL-BEING (1-DAY PROGRAMME)
                                                  - 25’ senses and essences massage
                                                  - 25’ body exfoliation
                                                  - 50’ basic facial treatment
                                                  - 20’ whirlpool bath
                                                • Spa circuit for non-guests
                                                  • 90 min35€
                                                • Spa circuit for guests
                                                  • 90 min25€