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Eurostars Lisboa Parque
Largo Andaluz, 13B Lisboa 1050-121 Portugal
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"High Lisbon"

2nd Eurostars Hotels Lisbon Photography Prize

Hotusa Group invites all citizens and visitors to participate in the Eurostars Hotels Lisbon Photography Prize. The contest winners will be the authors of photos that the panel of judges deems to best reflect the theme: "High Lisbon".
One of the peculiarities of Lisbon is its neighborhoods perched in the hills. Steep slopes connect the different Lisbon neighborhoods. To save these slopes were built several elevators or funiculars in the city. Currently, there are 4, and they are visually very attractive because of the routes they take and because they take the traveler to the upper part of the city, with the best views. The Elevador da Bica, for example, is the most popular in Lisbon and has been in operation since 1892. Its route ends at the Mirador de Santa Catalina, with beautiful views of the Tagus. We invite you to photograph these classic engineering works and the urban landscapes that are contemplated during the journey inside.

How to participate?
Anyone interested in participating in the contest may do so before March 28th 2020 on the site dedicated to the contest, where they can upload a maximum of three different series.
To do this, they must load their works on the site following the established format: a series of three photographs that, as a whole, comprise an artistic unit. Each participant can deliver a maximum of three series.
To present the photographs online, participants must upload a single canvas of 30 x 100 cm in which will appear the three photographs and the 5 cm spaces between them. The works must have a recommended weight of between 1 and 6 MB. (See more details in the competition rules).

The winner will receive €1,500 and the 9 runners up will receive a free stay at the Eurostars hotel of his election.

Contest Terms

Photo contest

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