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About Eurostars Hotels
About Us About Eurostars Hotels
In 2005, Grupo Hotusa created the Eurostars Hotels chain, a collection of culturally unique, top-of-the-line urban establishments, strategically located in cities’ historical city centres or financial districts, that stand out for their cultural uniqueness. The chain currently has a portfolio of 102 establishments located in the main Spanish capitals, as well as in top international destinations: New York, Berlin, Rome, Naples, Venice, Palermo, Brussels, Prague, Budapest, Lisbon, Porto and Mexico City, among others.

Visiting any of the Eurostars hotels is a great way to discover a universe of carefully designed interiors featuring meticulous decoration, where vanguard and tradition merge to create warm, welcoming establishments. Here guests feel at home, without sacrificing the advantages and comforts of the most modern facilities and cutting-edge technology.
In 1993, Grupo Hotusa changed tack with its expansion strategy and began managing and running hotels directly, in addition to its traditional business as a chain of associated hotels. So, the Ciudad de Vacaciones Monte do Gozo (Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña) became the first hotel the company operated directly.

The hotel division, called Eurostars Hotel Company, has expanded its portfolio of establishments in Spain and other European countries year after year. This expansion process was consolidated in 2005 with the launch of the Eurostars Hotels chain, which in just over 5 years has expanded very quickly both in Spain and abroad. The group later established a second chain, Exe Hotels, which has 67 modern, functional establishments in cities in 13 countries and a directory of 169 hotels in 18 countries.

International expansion
The Eurostars Hotels name is a faithful reflection of the goal the brand strives to achieve: to be present in the top European capitals without turning its back on the Spanish market. The chain is currently present in nearly every country in Europe, as well as the United States, Mexico Colombia and Morocco.
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