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        History of the building

        An 18th-century building declared a Cultural Heritage Site

        Globally renowned for its association with the Princess of Asturias Awards—hosting the yearly meeting, jury decision and providing accommodation for the recipients—the Eurostars Hotel de la Reconquista holds a rich artistic heritage. It is not surprising, then, that it earned the designation of a Cultural Heritage Site in 1973. The abundance of tapestries, canvases, sculptures and historically significant furniture within would captivate any museum enthusiast.

        Constructed in 1752 under the initiative of Regent Isidoro Gil de Jaz, the building served as the Provincial Hospice of Oviedo until 1965. In the subsequent years, it faced a period of neglect, during which several proposals were considered, including the transformation into a sizeable cultural centre. This phase culminated in the hotel’s inauguration on 4 June 1974.

        In the original design by architect Pedro Antonio Menéndez, a large central courtyard was envisioned, at the end of which a chapel is located; and on both sides of it, two square courtyards. The entirety of this 15,000-square-metre complex is enhanced by a baroque façade featuring a prominent coat of arms of Spain. The chapel was added later, in 1768, with a design by Ventura Rodríguez.

        Thus, the Eurostars Hotel de la Reconquista is an architectural and cultural treasure of Oviedo, representing an international icon for the city.

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