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Eurostars Hotels
General accessibility at the hotel

Doors with a minimum width of 72 inches
Corridors with a minimum width of 36 inches
Accessible business centre
Accessible elevator
Accessible entrance to the restaurant
Accessible bathrooms
Handrails in bathrooms
Accessible reception
ADA adapted rooms (4 rooms)
All doors are wheelchair accessible
Breakfast room on the ground floor
Accessible elevators
Guide dogs allowed
Televisions with subtitles

Room accessibility features

Accessible rooms with a minimum 35-inch wide entrance
Four ADA adapted rooms, available under the same conditions as standard rooms
Guide dogs allowed
Tables and desks with an adapted height of 29.5 inches
Accessible plug sockets
Televisions with subtitles
Sufficient space around the bed to move around in a wheelchair

Bathroom accessibility features (in ADA rooms)

Handrails and seat in the bathtub
Handrails and seat in the shower
Showers with adapted access
Adapted-height towel rails and toilet paper holders
Toilet bars

Website accessibility conditions

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