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Eurostars Patios de Córdoba
Diario de Córdoba 13 Córdoba 14002 Spain
Eurostars Patios De Córdoba
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Córdoba is greatness portrayed in its rich historical heritage. A melting pot of cultures that has been compiling the legacy of its different inhabitants over the centuries and that gives us the charm and magic of a majestic city.

Its streets and architecture treasure the traces of its integration history and spirit, letting us admire its Roman, Muslim, Jewish and Christian influences.

At the hotel, we want our guests to immerse themselves in Córdoba and its culture with an interior design that combines classic and avant-garde features and that preserves archaeological remains, witnesses to its history and reminders of the civilizations that have inhabited it. The hotel has carried out conservation projects on seven elements:

- Almohad wall: from the 12th century and located in one of the hotel rooms.
- Modern dividing well: located in one of the hotel rooms.
- Caliphal cistern: a powerful hydraulic structure from the medieval period used to store water.
Arcaded patio

18th century arcaded patio.
Laundry basins

Laundry basins: possibly from the modern era.
Roman graves

Three Roman graves from the 4th century AD.
Roman industrial zone

Roman industrial zone: from the 4th century AD, it’s a tavern with three cubicles used for the production and sale of consumer products.
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