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        Córdoba is greatness portrayed in its rich historical heritage. A melting pot of cultures that has been compiling the legacy of its different inhabitants over the centuries and that gives us the charm and magic of a majestic city.

        Arcaded patio

        XVIII century arcaded patio. Despite the fact that the main premises are dated in the year 1900, evidently, the typology of the patio is typical of Baroque moments, very similar to the Palacio de la Merced dated in 1745. Two of its sides appear arcades with arcades supported on columns of pink marble. The mural painting, which develops on its two floors, stands out for its polychromism and its rhythmic distribution. In the center there is a polylobed black marble fountain with two bodies.

        Laundry basins

        Laundry basins: possibly from the modern era. The three piles made of limestone with a quadrangular shape of 1.50 m. x 1.05m, 1.50m. x 1.10 m. and 1.20 m. x 0.80 m. they keep the grooved area for friction in perfect condition.

        Roman graves

        Roman burials dated to the IV century AD. There are three tombs and two share part of the cist, specifically the dividing area, which means that it can be interpreted as a family tomb.

        Roman industrial zone

        Roman industrial zone: from the fourth century AD, it’s a tavern with three cubicles used for the production and sale of consumer products. The crossroads delimited by its corner walls shows us a clearly defined street level with at least one decumanus and possibly a thistle that were unpaved with slabs but did have at least sewage evacuation systems.