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Eurostars Oasis Plaza
Avenida do Brasil Figueira Da Foz 3080-323 Portugal
Eurostars Oasis Plaza
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Our Spa
Eurostars Oasis Plaza has a wide range of wellness services and facilities so that its customers can enjoy a truly relaxing stay.

By the beach and with impressive views over the sea, the indoor swimming pool is the perfect place to begin a wellness session.

Moreover, the hotel offers a variety of massages and treatments, as well as a modern gym with latest-technology machines and a Turkish bath, which the hotel guests can use for free.

Consult here the full range of spa services.


Swimming pool: from 10 am to 9 pm.
Gym open 24 hours.
To remove tension, calm aching muscles and relax body and mind. The massage menu has options for all preferences and for the specific needs of each customer.
Relaxation massage
50 min. € 65
This massage combines many different techniques to guarantee complete relaxation of the whole body.
Localised massage
30 min. € 40
Ideal for aches in a specific part of the body, this massage helps to remove tension and improve muscle health.
Massage with hot stones
60 min. € 85
The use of hot stones is very relaxing and imparts a unique feeling of well-being.
Localised massage and foot massage
60 min. € 70
This special combination will let you enjoy a massage on the part of the body you choose, and a foot massage.
Localised massage and facial cleansing
60 min. € 70
A complete wellness session which lets you enjoy a massage on the part of the body you choose, as well as a facial cleansing.
At Eurostars Oasis Plaza, you can treat your skin to a care session, both for your face and for your body. You will succeed in removing impurities and increasing your skin’s natural shine.
After-sun hydration
20 min. € 25
The perfect treatment to restore your skin and achieve a much longer-lasting tan.
Body exfoliation
90 min. € 120
This exfoliation will remove the dead cells and impurities from the whole of your body, allowing new layers of skin to breathe bright and healthy.
Facial skin cleansing and hydration
30 min. € 40
Bring back the natural shine to your face with this complete cleansing and hydration in depth.
Deep skin cleansing
60 min. € 65
This treatment is designed to release impurities from the deepest layers of the skin, preventing the appearance of spots, blackheads and other effects of accumulated dirt
Foot spa + skin cleansing
60 min. € 70
Enjoy a relaxing spa session for your feet, as well as a facial cleansing.
Foot spa
30 min. € 40
This treatment consists of a complete session to pamper your feet, that helps to improve your posture and the integral health of your musculature.
Eurostars Oasis Plaza puts its wellness facilities at the disposal of all customers staying at the hotel. Both the swimming pool and the Turkish bath, as well as the gym, are completely free, and booking is not required.

To make an appointment for any of the massages or treatments, please send an email to or call 00351 233 200 010.
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