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        Delve into the era of the caliphate and the great Maimonides.
        Relax in our typical Andalusian courtyard, which the city is known for, coloured with morning glories and geraniums hanging from wrought-iron window bars and perfumed with the fragrance of jasmine, orange blossoms and queens of the night.

        Cordoba´s brand

        The patio is one of the most characteristic elements of southern Spain and especially of Cordoba. This space around which family life revolves is one of the most characteristic heritages of Islamic and Roman culture. Traditionally located in the center of the houses, it has an abundant vegetation that brings color and freshness, creating a true oasis within the city. During the month of May, Cordoba celebrates the festival of the courtyards, which offers the perfect opportunity to know the city in its maximum splendor and discover the magnificent courtyards, which during these dates are open to the public.

        The best place

        Perfumed with fragrances emanating from jasmine, azahares and ladies of night. Colored with bells and geraniums hanging from barred windows. At night, it is illuminated with warm lights that create an almost magical atmosphere. We invite you to enjoy the special charm of our patio while you chat in good company, relax under the warmth of the Cordoba climate and discover the calm of this unique space.

        Taste and tradition

        In spring and summer, our patio becomes the ideal place to enjoy the best cuisine. The hotel restaurant invites you to discover a gastronomic proposal based on Cordoba cuisine, which includes delicacies as popular as flamenquín or salmorejo. Of course, you can’t leave Córdoba without enjoying the most traditional recipes in the perfect setting.