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        History of the building

        The 'beautiful white lady,' a symbol of Santander

        The history of the Hotel Real is intertwined with that of Santander and the monarchy. Its foundations were laid in 1917, a crucial moment for the modernization of the city due to significant urban growth.

        Throughout its hundred-year existence, the hotel has battled storms, hurricanes, and unleashed storms; it has survived a major fire and the Civil War. It has also been part of the happiest moments of the city and its residents, hosting major events and serving as the venue for important political and cultural receptions.

        The Hotel Real also has a strong connection with the royal family, which began summering in Santander in 1900 when Alfonso XIII was 14 years old. The therapeutic effects of seawater, known as "ocean baths," attracted the monarch, who continued to enjoy the summer season in Santander throughout his life. His interest in the city led him to promote the construction of the Hotel Real, transforming that small town into one of the most important cities in Spain.

        From its privileged location above the Bay of Santander, the hotel reflects an intense white color that earned it the nickname "beautiful white lady," coined by the writer Ignacio Sánchez Mejías.

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