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Eurostars Casa de la Lírica
Aduana, 19 Madrid 28013 Spain
Eurostars Casa de la Lírica 4*
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Eurostars Fitness

Your wellbeing is our priority

At Eurostars Casa de la Lírica we want to help you pamper and take care of your body in detail. Your wellbeing is our priority and that’s why we offer a wide range of services devoted to rest and health.

We put a comprehensive massage service at your disposal which you can enjoy comfortably in your room. Check the massage menu and book directly at the hotel.

You can also continue to stay in shape during your stay at Eurostars Casa de La Lírica thanks to our gym and our personal trainer.

Rest and wellbeing: a Health & Fit experience.
This is your personal recharging station. Take your time to regenerate and increase your performance with our wellness programmes. Fully adapted to the needs and demands of physical activity, our expert team of therapists uses their experience to offer the most exclusive massages and the most personalised treatments.

Our incomparable treatments include high quality products, which will nourish, invigorate, rejuvenate and relax your body.

Check our menu.

You can keep up with your workout routine at our gym, where you’ll find machines for cardio exercise and workout accessories. All hotel guests have free access to the fitness area, which is available 24/7.

If what you need is personalised training, check our personal trainer service (€50/h with a reservation). Our professional personal trainers are part of the Globalwellnes team, which has extensive experience in designing customised training that can be adapted to all types of needs. You can also attend yoga, pilates or boxing sessions.