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        Our spa

        Our relaxing spa offers several areas with whirlpools, perfect to disconnect from all your worries. We also have a steam room or haman that will help you detoxify your skin, leaving it well hydrated and free of impurities.

        On the other hand, the dry sauna will allow you to eliminate toxins and activate blood circulation.

        As a complement to our sauna, the ice fountain provides a great thermal contrast, with a gentle vasoconstriction and vasodilation effect.

        You can also stimulate your circulation in our sensation shower, which will also boost your immune system with its hot and cold water cycles.

        Finally, reach a complete state of relaxation thanks to our vitality pool. A combination of water and visual effects that will allow you to fully enjoy yourself in a cocooning environment.

        In addition, we have a massage room with the best experts who, thanks to the most advanced techniques and treatments, will help you to relieve tension and combat stress.

        Opening hours

        • From Monday to Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

        More information

        Price: €10/person.
        Access for 45 minutes, prior reservation required (subject to availability).
        • Aliados Touch
          • 45 min98€
          A neck, back and shoulder massage, indicated to activate circulation, relief muscle tension and stress, leaving an extraordinary feeling of relaxation and well-being.
        • Deeply Therapeutic Massage
          • 60 min134€
          • 90 min170€
          Deeply therapeutic massage targets chronic tension. Using a variety of techniques, your therapist helps bringing relief to areas of pain and stiffness.
        • Serene Soul Massage
          • 60 min125€
          • 90 min165€
          Experience effective and immediate relaxation, relieving all stress-related tension. Long steady flowing strokes and therapeutic techniques at various pressure levels. It is indicated for Jet-Lag, to balance emotions and to reduce stress and anxiety.
        • Intentional Aromatherapy Massage
          • 60 min134€
          • 90 min170€
          Therapeutic application of essential oils, assisting the metabolism and the functioning of the physical systems, psychological and emotional, relieving stress, muscle pain and nausea. This massage aims to balance and harmonize each person individually.
        • Double Journey Massage
          • 60 min258€
          Enjoy a massage with your partner that combines deeply relaxing techniques, where a special synchronization happens simultaneously. A unique and remarkable experience.
        • Detox treatment
          • 50 min125€
          A skincare treatment indicated to purify, renew and restore skin tone. lt draws its strength from the propolis and from the potent beneficial botanical ingredients that revitalize blemished, oily or combination skin, notably improving your appearance. Exfoliation and mask are followed by a massage with exclusive creams rich in South American quebracho bark extract. Also recommended for men.
        • Nutritive treatment
          • 50 min125€
          A highly nourishing facial treatment to revitalize dry, stressed and dehydrated skin. The delicate exfoliation prepares the skin to receive the vitamin-rich serum. Following with the soft and rich cream made with macademia oil and helichrysum flower extract. Reinforced with the strength of Tamanu essential oil, deeply nourishes from the very first application, helping keep skin firm, toned and radiant.
        • Sublime Facial
          • 30 min70€
          It is a beauty and relaxing treatment for women and men, giving back to the face a perfect hydration, purification and luminosity, performed with diverse facial massage techniques.
        • Royal Argan Ritual
          • 90 min170€
          Performed with Argan Oil, our signature treatment begins with a welcoming foot ritual, then a massage is performed with gentle touches and a meditative concentration by the therapist. A perfect balance that will provide deep physical and muscular relaxation, reconnecting body and mind and promoting your maximum well-being.
        • Persian Rose
          • 60 min145€
          A precious ritual based on wild Persian Rose essential oil, harvested in the mountains when they bloom. A caress enriched by natural Mei products, in addition to stimulating the immune system, provides your skin with a velvety effect, leaving it intensely silky and illuminated, making it flourish as you enjoy this unique sensory immersion.
        • Oro di Sardegna
          • 60 min152€
          The sensorial power of wild nature in a rejuvenating, anti-inflammatory and regenerating treatment, with Mediterranean ingredients that awaken vitality and energy: Olive oil, myrtle, rosemary and aloe. Your skin will gain more bright and tonus.
        • Dolce Vita
          • 60 min145€
          Thanks to sweet orange and lemon essential oils, your skin will gain more shine, softness and elasticity. Starting with an exfoliation, this deep relaxation ritual, provided by citrus aromas, is indicated for the relief of stress, tension and anxiety. The final touch of a silky sweet orange cream will lead you to unforgettable moments of well-being.
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