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Every trip is distinctive because each traveller is unique. Let us tell you the stories crafted by different travellers in each city. Multiple “trips” from different points of view.

Let me tell you a secret

When the Duke of Wellington, brother of Sir Richard Wellesley, visited Cádiz, he stayed in my bedrooms. Many of the strategies of the allied army to expel the Napoleonic troops from the Iberian Peninsula were planned under the protection of my walls.
Aurea Casa Palacio Sagasta
Each Aurea moment will become an indelible memory.


Aurea invites you to discover the true meaning of each destination. We're more than a place to stay... We're your host.

Taste the gastronomy of Cádiz

You cannot leave Cádiz without having tried its rich gastronomy, full of good taste and based, above all, on seafood. Pescaíto frito (fried fish), shrimp fritters and bluefin tuna are the stars of the traditional Cádiz cuisine, but there are also plenty of rich and diverse vegetable and meat dishes, which you can pair with a glass of Jerez wine.

Admire Cádiz from its towers

Throughout Cádiz you can find the different watchtowers that were used to monitor the entry and exit of merchant ships. One of the most popular towers that you can visit is the Tavira Tower, from which you will have unique views of the entire city.

Visit the cathedral of Cádiz

If you come to Cádiz, you cannot miss its magnificent and interesting cathedral. Did you know that its construction lasted 116 years? That is why, if you look closely, you will be able to appreciate the different styles that characterize it (mainly Baroque and Neoclassical) and the change in materials used by the different architects who built it.