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Committed to our historical heritage

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Sustainability is not about deteriorating our environment less, but benefiting our environment more.

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10 commitments

At every Aurea hotel we take steps to maintain harmony with our community.

1. We have eliminated single-use plastics on the hotel premises

Amenities and miniature toiletries have been replaced with dispensers in the room bathrooms, while single-use plastic items have been reduced throughout the hotel.

2. We have limited the use of papers in our rooms

These have gone down from 20 printed sheets to only 3. All the necessary information can now be found on digital platforms through a QR code.

3. We have reduced water consumption on our premises

Water flow has been restricted in showers and washbasins, and towels and linen are only washed when necessary.

4. We have installed electric vehicle charging points

Charging points for electric vehicles have been installed in hotels that have parking on the premises.

5. We have committed to using Km0 produce and local products

Our meals are made with local products, prioritising seasonal produce and bringing back traditional recipes from the area.

6. We have developed a project to promote local artists

Aurea hotels host art exhibitions from different disciplines — photography, painting and sculpture — to promote the work of local artists.

7. We have designed an activities and experiences guide that encourages guests to explore the surroundings

All Aurea hotels offer a proposal of activities in the destination organised by local providers and companies so that guests can get to know the local surroundings better.

8. We have swapped out cleaning products for other eco-friendly ones

The concentration of harmful chemicals has been reduced and replaced with environmentally friendly products.

9. We have fostered and promoted territorial cohesion

Through Aurea Hotels’ cultural tourism guide we generate a positive impact on the environment and its economy by boosting and strengthening cultural identity and heritage.

10. We have refurbished and renovated emblematic historic buildings

All Aurea hotels are located in historic or emblematic buildings that have been refurbished to maintain and preserve their cultural, historical and artistic legacy.
/Committed to the environment



As part of our commitment to environmentally friendly alternatives, we have phased out the use of single-use plastics in all our hotels. Our amenities are now packaged in biodegradable paper and plastic materials.


with local

We offer unique experiences that enable our guests to engage with the environment responsibly and authentically, from artisanal workshops to tree-planting initiatives.



We have installed electric vehicle charging points in our hotels and we offer guests sustainable transportation options, such as electric bicycles, to explore the city.


Restoration and
preservation of
historical heritage

We are dedicated to restoring historic buildings, maintaining the original architecture and preserving their value and legacy. To date, we have restored 10 historic buildings, showcasing their unique heritage and artistic elements to highlight and preserve their historical and cultural value.



Our hotels feature a regional corner where guests can sample authentic local cuisine. Furthermore, our culinary offerings are based on local produce, focusing on seasonal ingredients and rescuing traditional recipes from the area.



In a bid to reduce plastic waste, we have replaced bottled water with osmotised water in all our hotels. This initiative has significantly reduced our environmental impact by eliminating the need for plastic containers.