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        Visiting Córdoba entails delving into centuries upon centuries of culture and the heritage of each of the small towns and villages that contributed to shaping the city as we know it today.

        If you’re looking to gain an understanding of the real Córdoba, you need to walk down its alleyways and lose yourself in the narrow streets of white-washed houses, leading to small squares and flower-lined passages with a strong scent of orange blossom. You must also let yourself get carried away by Córdoba’s jovial rhythm, savour some of the delicious tapas on offer and enjoy its exciting nightlife.

        From the Alcazar to the Medina Azahara

        Córdoba boast a multitude of fascinating monuments of various styles – some of which have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites – that will make you feel like you are travelling back in time.

        In the Mosque-Cathedral visitors are able to enjoy the splendour of the Omayyad dynasty within a surprising blend of gothic, renaissance and baroque styles. Remains of the old caliphate can also be enjoyed in the Medina Azahara: a lavish palace with courtyards, gardens and a vast number of impressive rooms.

        The Alcazar of the Christian Kings will take you back to the magic of Christian Córdoba: the place from which the Catholic Kings led their Reconquista.

        If you’re looking to learn about all three cultures, be sure to pay a visit to Córdoba’s Synagogue and marvel at its Mudejar decorations and inscriptions of psalms and songs.

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        The flavours of Córdoba

        The local Córdoba gastronomy is another thing that you need to experience. Its light dishes and combinations of intense flavours are sure to leave you asking for seconds.

        The most famous dish is certainly the Córdoba salmorejo, served with fried aubergine or a high-quality Iberian ham. You must also be sure to try seasoned olives, migas and some flamenquines. The latter is a local version of cordon bleu based on pork, Iberian ham and cheese, which is battered and assumes a long, thin shape.

        To finish on a sweeter note, you must be sure to try Córdoba cake, puff pastry cake, ‘Angel hair’ cake, quince pies, sweet quince, ‘fried flower’ cakes and Priego doughnuts.

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