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        Exe Praia Golfe has a large spa dedicated to the wellbeing of its guests. This calming space is ideal for relaxing with a pleasant massage, as well as enjoying the indoor pool, sauna and steam room.

        The hotel also has a fully equipped gym, where guests can keep up with their fitness routines while on holiday.

        Opening hours

        • Spa Circuit: From 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

        • Treatments and Massages:From 11 am to 8 pm.

        More information

        Our massage selection was created to provide complete relaxation promoting a renewal in your body, mind and emotional balance in a deep and personalized way.

        • Back comfort massage
          • 40 min58€
          A neck, back and shoulder massage, indicated to activate circulation, relief muscle tension and stress, leaving an extraordinaryfeeling of relaxation and well-being.
        • Ocean Soul
          • 50 min74€
          Experience effective and immediate relaxation, relieving all stress-related tension. Long steady flowing strokes and therapeutic techniques at various pressure levels. It is indicated for Jet-Lag, to balance emotions and to reduce stress and anxiety.
        • Deeply restorative massage
          • 50 min80€
          Deeply therapeutic massage targets chronic tension. Using a variety of techniques, your therapist helps bringing relief to areas of pain and stiffness.
        • Breeze aromatherapy massage
          • 50 min85€
          Therapeutic application of essential oils, assisting the metabolism and the functioning of the physical systems, psychological and emotional, relieving stress, muscle pain and nausea. This massage aims to balance and harmonize each person individually.
        • Double Journey Massage
          • 60 min165€
          Enjoy an experience for two. Choose one of our massages and two therapists will work in perfect synchrony to provide you with a unique and special moment.
        • Sublime Facial
          • 30 min50€
          It is a beauty and relaxation treatment performed with Argan Oil, giving back to the face a perfect hydration, purification and luminosity, made gently with various facial massage techniques.
        • Radiance Ritual
          • 30 min50€
          A unique scrubbing and oxygenating treatment that gives an instant boost, brightening the skin for a radiant appearance. Made with a white clay mask enriched with honey, royal jelly and Argan Oil.

        Using 100% natural products our rituals are ideal to calm the mind and purify the body, leaving it deeply hydrated and with an incredible feeling of lightness.

        • Aromatic exfoliation
          • 60 min85€
          A body scrub that brings the healing benefits of Dead Sea salt, removes dead cells and offers a soft, silky and velvety skin sensation, followed by a massage with essential oils, which restores the skin's radiance and softness.
        • Intensive repair
          • 75 min110€
          Intensive restorative treatment for the face and body. Massage and wrapping with 100% natural Shea Butter, known in the Middle East as the “women's gold”, this treatment nourishes, relaxes and repairs all skin types.
        • Foot massage
          • 30 min42€
          Ideal for tired and dehydrated feet, this is an integral treatment with exfoliation, hydration and massage. Exfoliation eliminates dead cells and softens the feet, preparing them for a gentle hydrating massage. It achieves calming effects that help restore energy balance.