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        Our spa

        Here at Exe Hotel Cataratas, we recommend enjoy a unique experience with a wellness session in our Spa Cataratas, in the heart of the Misiones forest. You’ll find an unbeatable feeling of calm and relaxation that will help you to listen to the needs of your body and find your balance again.

        The facilities include everything you need for a complete experience. In the heated pool you can exercise your body and get ready for one of our special treatments. Our Hydromassage bathtub will help you to relax your mind while in the sauna and steam room you can get rid of all your toxins.

        To make your wellness journey sublime, we suggest a massage or a treatment from our selection, which you can check here.

        Opening hours

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        Times and bookings

        To make a booking, you can call +543757421100 or send an email to The opening times for information and bookings is 1 pm to 9 pm.

        *Spa is temporarily closed. The heated pool with hydromassage bathtub, the wet sauna and the relaxation room where massages are offered are still operational.
        *Spa services are not included in the hotel rate.
        *Minors can only access the Spa until 6 p.m.

        Opening hours

        More information

        • Reflexology
            This technique involves stimulating strategic points on the feet in order to alleviate pains in your body’s internal organs. Reflexology also helps to detect and prevent future pain.
            Price: $ 10500 / 30 min.
          • Lymphatic drainage
              In order to eliminate built-up liquids and toxins, we gently massage the legs and abdomen to open up the lymph glands. This will leave you feeling light and reduce tiredness and fatigue.
              Price: $ 15000 / 40 min.
            • Decontracting massage
                To relax and ease up the joints, reducing the feeling of tenseness in the body, we massage using different essential oils and hand techniques.
                Price: $ 15000/ 5o min.
              • Relaxing massage
                  Price: $ 10500 / 30 min.
                • Facial massage
                    Price: $ 10500 / 30 min
                  • Hot stone massage
                      This traditional massage helps to increase blood flow and boost cell metabolism. Hot stones are placed strategically on your back, working on the central points of vital energy.
                      Price: $ 18000 / 50 min.
                    • Corporal exfoliation
                        Price: $ 18000 / 30 min