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Eurostars Fuerte de la Concepción
Avda. de Portugal S/N Salamanca - Aldea del Obispo 37488 Spain
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Located just 500 metres from the Portuguese border, El Eurostars Fuerte de la Concepción is located between the towns of Aldea del Obispo (Spain, Salamanca province) and Vale da Mula (Portugal, Guarda District).

This region is one of the least known areas of the Iberian Peninsula. Surrounding the fort, within a radius of a few kilometres is an enormous amount of landscapes, historic buildings, game farms, colourful local festivals and an extraordinary world for horse and bull lovers to discover. Leisure, culture, sport and culinary options around Eurostars Fuerte de la Concepción satisfy even the most demanding of travellers.

Just a few minutes from Eurostars Fuerte de la Concepción are three World Heritage sites, four natural parks, and countless relics and prehistoric forts, historical districts, Portuguese aldeias (hamlets), castles and some of the Iberian Peninsula's best fortresses.

Quite possibly two of the wealthiest and attractive towns in our area are Ciudad Rodrigo (33 km away) and Almeida (10 km away). These towns are not only our capitals, they are also citadels which share with us the uniqueness of being nestled within a fortress. Apart from these two cities and enjoying a stay at El Eurostars Fuerte de la Concepción, some guests take the opportunity to explore the Fortifications Route and visit the other nearby fortresses such as the castles of San Felices de los Gallegos, Castelo Rodrigo, Castelo Bom and Castelo Mendo.

Visitors are amazed by the wonderful Estación de Arte Rupestre de Siega Verde, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located just 10 km from the fort.

The Arribes del Duero is one of Europe's largest protected natural spaces. The Arribes del Duero and El Tormes form a network of over 200 kilometres of canyons immersed in a remarkable natural park which certainly rivals the Colorado Grand Canyon. The huge dams of La Almendra and Aldeadávila and the Saucelle waterfall, the large natural waterfall of Pozo de los Humos or a visit to the river port visit dreamed of by Felipe II in the Fresneda justify spending a few days in this little known paradise. The unspoiled areas of Las Batuecas and the Sierra de Francia, also close to our region, are two of Spain's largest protected areas.