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The white lady
Eurostars Hotel Real 5*GL

The white lady

Eurostars Hotel Real 5*GL

Over its one hundred years of history, Hotel Real –currently Eurostars Hotel Real 5*GL– has elegantly and strongly defended the affectionate nickname its city gave it: La Dama Blanca (The White Lady).
It has survived gales, hurricanes, storms and the great fire of Santander...
But it has also been part of the city’s happiest moments, hosting great parties and important events.

It is the main character’s memories that allow us to travel through time, from her birth to the present. The most important moments of her life, which are always linked to the hotel, show us how both of them evolve, on the outside and the inside. However, there is something that always remains intact: their essence.
EUROSTARS HOTEL REAL 5* 100 Years of history
The hotel opened in 1917 and it has undergone several refurbishments and renovations along the way, but its essence has always remained intact.
This essence is transmitted as faithfully as possible in the piece.
SANTANDER A charming place
The city is also a main part of this story. The characters travel through the most emblematic areas of the time, including the Cabo Mayor Lighthouse and the Magdalena Palace.
And of course, the Eurostars Hotel Real 5* Gl, located in a privileged setting in the city, crowning the Santander Bay impassively.