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        History of the building

        A unique hotel that treasures the essence of courtyard houses

        The Áurea Toledo is situated in a distinctive location encompassing seven courtyard houses within the historic heart of Toledo, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It rests at the base of the cathedral in an intricate urban layout known as the Barrio de los Canónigos or Pozo Amargo. Its name originates from the fact that from the 12th to the 17th century, a significant number of ecclesiastics resided there.

        In these medieval courtyard houses, the courtyard itself serves as the most distinctive space and the central organizing element of the property's layout. Around this courtyard, often trapezoidal or square in shape, the main rooms are arranged. On the upper floors, various spaces of the house are distributed around an open corridor that faces the courtyard.

        This architectural structure has undergone numerous renovations and alterations throughout its history to cater to the needs of its many inhabitants. From the Arab era to the present day, the restoration efforts have preserved elements of significant heritage value, imbuing the hotel with a unique character.

        Every corner bears witness to Toledo's rich history, narrated through its wells and cisterns, intricate carved ceilings, ornate plasterwork, and beautiful mural paintings that harmonize with the hotel's decor. These elements transport visitors to another era, inviting them to embark on this distinct journey through time.

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