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        History of the building

        A landmark of the neo-Baroque

        The post office building is one of the oldest and most symbolic in Logroño. Construction began on 17 May 1927, a date which was also the 25th anniversary of Alfonso XIII's reign, and it was opened on 23 May 1932. The opening ceremony was attended by the managing directors of the telegraph office and post office, among other authorities.

        Located in Plaza de San Agustín, near La Rioja Museum and other symbolic buildings in Logroño's historic quarter, the Aurea Palacio de Correos 5* was built on a site left by the convent of Augustinian nuns in 1915 and it is believed to be the best example of neo-Baroque architecture in the city.

        Since the post office's main headquarters closed its doors in 2004, the building has been the subject of several actions to preserve it, one of which included the restoration of its façade.

        The Aurea Palacio de Correos 5* has reinstated the original openings, including its wooden main door, which has a semi-circular arch. The lions on the façade have also been preserved to remind people of the building's original purpose.

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