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Every trip is distinctive because each traveller is unique. Let us tell you the stories crafted by different travellers in each city. Multiple “trips” from different points of view.

Let me tell you a secret

My wonderful library has first editions of Tales of the Alhambra by Washington Irving; a real treat for book lovers and culture fans.
Aurea Washington Irving
Granada (Spain)
Each Aurea moment will become an indelible memory.


Aurea invites you to discover the true meaning of each destination. We're more than a place to stay... We're your host.

Dive into the calm oasis of Arab baths

Enjoy a relaxing dip in a real Moorish hammam. This relaxing experience will intoxicate your senses and allow you to fully relax your body and mind. Explore its baths (set to different temperatures) and steam room to create a journey involving the senses and no concept of time.

Savour the local gastronomy

Garnata Restaurant, located in the Aurea Washington Irving, offers you the chance to sample Granada culinary products, with highlights including premium fish, meat and vegetables. You can try dishes like traditional salmorejo with salt-cured tuna and extra virgin olive oil, paired with Spain's best wines.

Fall in love with the Alhambra

The Alhambra is just a short walk from the hotel. This is one of the most beautiful monuments in Spain and a must-see during your trip. Walking around this attraction, you can enjoy the harmony and peace flowing through its gardens and halls. This building has its own magic along with great architectural expertise to show off.