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A date with history
Every trip is distinctive because each traveller is unique. Let us tell you the stories crafted by different travellers in each city. Multiple “trips” from different points of view.

Let me tell you a secret

My stays hold treasures of great value, including polychrome panels from the 15th century, cisterns, carved ceilings, and arches. Beautiful craftsmanship, a heritage from all those peoples who have left their mark on "the city of the three cultures."
Aurea Toledo
TOLEDO (Spain)
Each Aurea moment will become an indelible memory


Aurea invites you to discover the true meaning of each destination. We're more than a place to stay... We're your host.

Visit the city museums

Toledo boasts a wide variety of museums that offer a detailed look into the history and culture of the city. Some of the most popular museums include the Museo del Greco, the Museo de Santa Cruz, the Museo Sefardí, the Museo de los Concilios y la Cultura Visigoda, and the Museo de Arte Contemporánea.

Taste the local cuisine

Toledo's gastronomy is an important part of the local culture, with a wide variety of traditional and delicious dishes. One way to immerse yourself in the local culinary culture is through a gastronomic route visiting the city's bars and restaurants, where you can try dishes such as roast lamb, carcamusas, migas, and manchego cheese, among others.

Explore the old town

The city of Toledo is a jewel of architecture and history, with a large number of historical buildings and landmarks to explore. A walk through the narrow, cobbled streets of the old city, passing by places such as the Toledo Cathedral, the Iglesia de Santo Tomé, the Alcázar and the Puerta de Bisagra, is an unforgettable cultural experience.