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Aurea Museum

Every trip is distinctive because each traveller is unique. Let us tell you the stories crafted by different travellers in each city. Multiple “trips” from different points of view.

Let me tell you a secret

One very special piece stands out from the hotel’s collection of archaeological remains: the Phoenician stele. This engraved slab with inscriptions dating from 7 BC is a highly valuable artefact, considered a unique piece linked to funerary cults in Portugal.
Aurea Museum
Lisbon (Portugal)
Each Aurea moment will become an indelible memory.


Aurea invites you to discover the true meaning of each destination. We're more than a place to stay... We're your host.

Historic tour

We encourage you to tour Lisbon and discover the history of the city, from its origins. You can start your tour at the Aurea Museum where you can view the vestiges of Lisbon in the 2nd century BC and reconstruct the development of its culture through the archaeological remains housed at the hotel.

Hop on tram 28

If you're looking for a traditional experience during your trip to Lisbon, hop on one of the city's old trams. Tram 28 is the most popular line as it will take you from the Baixa district to the castle hill, allowing you to enjoy a beautiful journey through the city's picturesque streets.

Savour some Belém pastries

If you've got a sweet tooth, make sure to visit the Belém neighbourhood and the establishment where they make the famous Belém pastries. You'll find the historic bakery where they've been making these popular sweet pastries, known as cream pastries, since 1837.