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Every trip is distinctive because each traveller is unique. Let us tell you the stories crafted by different travellers in each city. Multiple “trips” from different points of view.

Let me tell you a secret

It's said that sensitive souls can still hear the strains of the joyful waltzes played at the parties and concerts held in the Sisi Room.
Aurea Ana Palace Hotel
Budapest (Hungary)
Each Aurea moment will become an indelible memory.


Aurea invites you to discover the true meaning of each destination. We're more than a place to stay... We're your host.

Discover Budapest by sailing along the Danube

The Danube divides the old Buda and Pest. By sailing along it, you can discover a city that was designed with the river as the focal point. Enjoy the monumental architecture of its buildings as they're reflected in the water and the bustling life along its banks. You can opt for multiple boat tours during the day or at night, and you can even accompany these stunning views with a delicious dinner on board the boat.

Relax in its spas

Budapest is a city famed for its great urban spas. A visit to any of these picturesque wellness centres is a must for any visitor looking to delve into the essence and culture of this stunning city. In addition to a comprehensive relaxation experience, you'll also have the chance to participate in an ancient activity that brings both locals and tourists together every day.

A tour through historic cafés

Budapest's cafés are intimate, welcoming places known for their charm and elegance. We recommend you incorporate different stops at these traditional establishments during your tour of the city. As well as hot drinks, they also offer traditional baking products. They're a delight for all the senses, invoking the golden days of Budapest in which it was common for people to run into poets, writers and intellectuals embroiled in vibrant discussions.