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        History of the building

        A legendary hotel

        Prague protectively guards a variety of myths and legends among its streets. The Hotel Aurea Legends 4* pays tribute to this legendary past by incorporating five of its most famous tales in its interior design: the Astronomical Clock, Charles Bridge, the Golem, the treasures of the Klementinum and Prince Bayaya.

        The legend of the Astronomical Clock tells how its master builder was blinded so he couldn't replicate his invention. According to that of Charles Bridge, the foundations of this famous construction were built with raw eggs.

        The legend of the Golem tells how a Prague rabbi made a man of clay to save the Jewish community from exile in the 16th century. Another of these stories mentions the treasure that the Jesuits hid inside the Klementinum when they decided to abandon the city.

        Lastly, the legend of Prince Bayaya tells of the life of a kind prince who went in search of happiness, wisdom and love after the death of his parents.

        Each of the selected stories takes centre stage in one of the hotel's floors, such that the corridors as well as the bedrooms are illustrated with legendary scenes.

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