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        Our spa

        The spa at Aurea Convento Capuchinos reinvents the concepts of relaxation and luxury in an exceptional setting. Where the Segovia city centre meets the Eresma Valley, the fully restored Convento de las Oblatas opens its doors to the public as an oasis of tranquillity, where your mental and physical wellbeing are top priority.

        The services on offer include treatments for all skin types and specific needs. With this aim, we combine the benefits of natural products with age-old rituals and techniques from a variety of cultures, from exotic geisha ceremonies to Mediterranean essentials.

        Our oasis in the centre of Segovia starts with an exclusive hydrotherapy circuit, with a dynamic star-studded pool featuring waterfalls and numerous jets. For added benefit, and to release stress and toxins, we recommend visiting our sauna and steam room and then finishing off in the relaxation area.

        ADULT ENTRANCE: € 30 each | € 50 per couple
        CHILD ENTRANCE (6-16 YEARS OLD): € 15

        *Spa circuit may last no longer than 55 minutes, with no breaks.
        **Room rates do not include access to the spa.

        Opening hours

        • Monday morning closed. Afternoons from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Sundays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

        More information

        In order to contract spa treatments and services, in order to guarantee the hourly availability, a reservation must be made by sending an email to: or by calling 921 05 14 77.

        • Day SPA
            Entry to the most exclusive circuit and ritual of your choice. Price: €160/person.
          • Spaxion Moment
              Entry to the circuit plus massage with aromatic oils for two people. Price for two people: €130 (30 min.) | €145 (45 min.).
            • Thermal circuit
                Price for staying guests (55 min.): €30/person or €50/2 persons | Price for non-staying guests (55 min.): €35/person or €59/2 persons.
              • Pure Vitamin C
                • 55 min65€
                Illuminate your skin with radiance. Therapy that combines exclusive massage techniques with pure Vitamin C, an excellent antioxidant and anti-aging agent, restoring freshness to your skin.
              • Special Hydration
                • 45 min55€
                An advanced treatment for all skin types that helps restore, balance, and maintain optimal skin hydration levels.
              • New look
                • 55 min79€
                This treatment deeply regenerates the delicate skin around the eye contour, reduces fine lines and expression marks, relieves puffiness, and relaxes the entire area, restoring the eyes' natural brightness and beauty.
              • Facial Rejuvenate
                • 55 min79€
                Our most exclusive facial ritual, ultimate anti-aging regeneration, draining, and firming.
              • For men
                • 55 min70€
                Energizing and detoxifying treatment that combats the effects of skin fatigue.
              • Mediterranean exfoliating ritual
                • 45 min59€
                Inspired by the most exotic Mediterranean destinations such as Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Istanbul..., through the delight of aromas and textures of argan peel, olive seeds, grape seeds, orange water...
              • Detox wrap
                • 45 min55€
                Cutting-edge cosmetics bring the refreshing breeze that caresses your body. A treatment that transports you to an unforgettable moment of comfort and well-being through the properties of Aloe Vera and the scents of Mint.
              • Foot wellness
                • 35 min40€
                Advanced foot treatment that eliminates roughness and prepares the feet for complete hydration and nourishment.
              • Hand wellness
                • 35 min30€
                Treatment to beautify and rejuvenate the hands. Due to its dual action (Hydration and Protection), it significantly improves the condition of the hands.
              • Valsaín Light
                • 70 min85€
                Step into the realm of relaxation and enjoy. Exclusive massage with a 100% ecological candle of Mediterranean natural essences.
              • Aroma Path relaxing massage
                • 55 min65€
                Breathe and let go. Specially selected essential oils combined with a rhythmic and relaxing massage technique to soothe mind and body.
              • Draining massage
                • 30 min45€
                Special massage for toxin elimination and reduction of fluid retention.
              • Zone harmony
                • 30 min45€
                Select your relaxing zone massage combined with our range of essential oils. You can choose between leg and foot massage, back massage, or head and facial massage.
              • Lomi Lomi massage
                • 55 min79€
                Based on ancient Hawaiian massage techniques, this is a deep, fluid, and rhythmic treatment that uses both hands and forearms, allowing for a complete muscular relationship and body energy circulation.
              • Energetic massage
                • 55 min75€
                Deep massage that will release our muscular tensions and accumulated stress.
              • Tell Me a Story children's special massage
                • 30 min39€
                Massage specially designed for children. Adult accompaniment is essential, and it can be enjoyed in our duo room.
              • Pure detox
                • 60 min105€
                A treatment to naturally drain and cleanse the organs of the body involved in the detoxification process. Helps remove toxins, fluid and fat to restore the beauty of your skin.
              • Queen of Egypt ritual
                • 90 min155€
                Exclusive facial and body treatment including our sophisticated relaxation techniques and the most innovative cosmetic advances for total relaxation.
              • Nature's treat
                • 70 min105€
                Perfect combination to relax the mind and spirit. Includes a richly textured scrub, a moisturising wrap and a relaxing massage to finish.
              • Joy ritual
                • 90 min155€
                This ritual invites guests to immerse their body and mind in a realm of stimulating fragrances, pure sensations and exclusive textures to find total wellbeing and serenity. A facial and body treatment that hydrates, regenerates and rebalances, while toning and deeply nourishing the skin.