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        History of the building

        Neoclassicism and historicism combined in a unique hotel

        The Aurea Ana Palace Hotel 5* is comprised of two buildings. Built in a neoclassical style with an inner courtyard, the building at number 15, Akadémia Street is the older of the two and it was used as a residential building up until the 1920s.

        The building at number 17 is inspired by historicism: it was built in 1894 under the reign of Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria and designed by Alfred Foltz in line with representation criteria as the headquarters of the Austrian delegation. After World War I and the disintegration of the empire, the building was used as the main office of the governing national socialist party (1938-1939) and the communist party (1945-1956).

        The hotel's interior design is dedicated to Empress Sisi (1854 - 1898), the wife of Franz Joseph I. For this reason, the bedrooms display large portraits of her. Furthermore, the building's main hall bears her name and the shields of the Austro-Hungarian Empire adorn the ceiling.

        The tripartite entrance for carriages, which was destroyed after the fall of the empire, has been recovered thanks to restoration work that has also seen the candelabra from 1896 be reinstated to the main staircase.

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