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Eurostars Museum
Rua Cais de Santarém, 52 Lisboa 1100-104 Portugal
Eurostars Museum
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Our Spa
The Eurostars Museum Spa invites you to say goodbye to your everyday stress and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of well-being, in which the combination of subdued lighting, aromas and relaxing sounds will transport you to a renewed state of comfort. Focus exclusively on yourself and enjoy a complete session of pampering that kicks off in our pool, where you can embark on a spa circuit perfect for disconnecting.

In this welcoming space you will also find a complete range of services created with you in mind, bringing together massages, relaxation rituals and the best treatments.

Our wellness offer is rounded off with a modern fully equipped gym, so you can keep up with your fitness routine.

Consult here the full range of spa services.

*Access to the spa circuit is free for hotel guests.
Swimming pool
This corner dedicated to sensations creates an atmosphere of calm, serenity and relaxation that is perfect to enjoy all the benefits of the hydrotherapy. First, relax in the pool with revitalizing jets and the waterfall, and then tone your body in the ice fountain.

Opening times:

Every day from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

*Access to the pool is free for hotel guests.
Sauna and Turkish bath
The wellness facilities at the Eurostars Museum include a sauna and a Turkish bath. These steam rooms with both dry and humid heat eliminate toxins and improve the feeling of relaxation and well-being.
Our massages are wellness rituals made possible thanks to a combination of scented massage oils and a setting completely dedicated to inducing relaxation. You will notice a deep sense of calm, and your skin will feel soft, taut, and revitalised.
Express massage
30 min €50
A short massage ideal for a moment of relaxation, or to get rid of accumulated stress in a specific part of the body.
Swedish massage
55/85/115 min €85/€125/€165
This traditional relaxing massage is performed on the whole body to improve circulation and relieve muscle tension. By using long, sweeping strokes, it is possible to relax all the muscles, resulting in a sense of utter well-being.
Deep-tissue massage
55/85 min €85/€125
Ideal for those seeking a massage to activate deep tissues, with slow strokes exerting the right pressure to reach the most contracted areas of the muscle system.
Cupping massage
55/85 min €85/€125
This technique from China is specially indicated to alleviate contracted muscles. The suction cups substitute classic deep-tissue massages, as they stretch the muscles, thereby improving circulation and removing accumulated toxins.
Ayurvedic massage
55/85/115 min €85/€125/€165
Ayurvedic techniques, native to India, help to bring harmony and balance to the body’s energy circuits, with the goal of improving the overall well-being in our bodies.
55/85 min €85/€125
Reflexology acts on strategic points of the feet, through a relaxing massage that helps fight ailments in the whole body. This technique is perfect for alleviating pain or just for relaxing.
Therapeutic massage
55/85/115 min €85/€125/€165
Therapeutic massages are highly beneficial to help recover from injuries, to tone and regenerate muscles, for motor rehabilitation, or for flexibility and mobility of the body overall. Furthermore, the techniques used will help you fight the effects of stress and other health problems that affect the muscles.
Massage with hot candles
55/85/115 min €95/€135/€175
This unique experience will transport you to a complete state of relaxation, thanks to the warmth and aroma of the scented candles.
Body treatment
Our body treatments are a delicate and effective way to pamper your body, and are also ideal for reaching a pleasant state of relaxation. We offer rituals that will help you achieve smooth, taut, glowing skin.
Body exfoliation with massage
85/115 min €135/€175
Achieve soft skin, free of impurities, and relax your body with a gentle massage.
The best place to maintain your daily fitness routines and release accumulated stress. You will find a well-lit and large area, perfect to practice all kinds of exercises. Our fitness room also has the most modern equipment, which will allow you to work different parts of your body and combine different types of training.
Opening times and booking
If you would like to book a session, contact us in advance by calling (+351) 211 166 100 or dial 9 from your room. You can also e-mail us at recepció indicating the treatment you would like to receive and the time, or if you prefer you can enquire at reception.


Every day from 8 am to 9 pm

*Access to the pool is free for hotel guests.