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You may soon be staying at one of our hotels, and when you do, we want to receive you with all the guarantees that ensure your health and well-being. That is why we have developed a rigorous protocol, with the awareness that now our greatest challenge is to maximize our safety standards and minimize the risks, both for our guests and our employees.

In this mission we have the support of technical advisers and partner companies that assist us in the different processes, from cleaning and disinfection, food safety, safe management of each operational area, health work and, of course, with the ultimate goal of ensuring the welfare of our guests.
Clean & Safe
With the client's safety in mind, we have developed the Eurostars Hotel Company Clean & Safe program. A plan that is based on 8 main ideas, and aims to become a solid guarantee for our guests and employees.

This set of guidelines will be applied through specific measures and interventions on the different spaces of the hotel.
1. Strategic collaboration with Diversey
Diversey is a world leader company specialized in professional cleaning and hygiene solutions. Their supervision and support is an absolute guarantee that the necessary measures are applied optimally for the total disinfection of our facilities, with specific protocols that are fully adapted to current circumstances.

2. Cleaning and disinfection protocols
All the protocols applied in cleaning and disinfection have been approved and designed together with Diversey Consulting, always following the recommendations of the health authorities and the WHO. We use certified virucidal products, totally innocuous and respectful with the health of our guests.
3. Development and monitoring of measures
Diversey Consulting, the professional division of food safety and risk management of Diversey, has developed a management programme for each operational area of the hotel in order to eliminate or reduce all possible risks to safe limits. This programme includes carrying out periodic follow-up audits to verify the correct implementation of all prevention measures.

4. Breakfast and catering
We have implemented new processes and new service and consumption formulas, without altering the quality of our guests' experience. All the products we offer are linked to certified suppliers and distributors
5. Interpersonal distance
All of our protocols have been designed to limit social interaction in order to protect our guests. The redistribution of spaces, a control of capacity and a reduction in human management (whenever possible) ensure that the safety distance is respected.
6. Digitization in the processes
Technology enables us to digitize processes in various procedures with the aim of limiting contact risk and reducing waiting times. Likewise, the new applications available at the hotel help to limit the use of physical media to transmit information, even improving the customer experience.
7. Development of new information channels
We consider that the access to information is essential to generate confidence and tranquillity. That is why we make sure that even before arrival to the hotel, the guest knows all the measures that are carried out in the establishment and any information that may affect him about the destination.
8. Training for all workers
All the teams working in the hotel receive continuous training on the new protocols, with permanent updating in new scenarios and access to all the information necessary to ensure the well-being of our guests.
And also, now more than ever we stay true to our commitments
Our commitment to the welfare of guests
The care of the body and mind has always been present in our philosophy. This commitment is based on a proposal for a balanced and healthy diet, which is committed to fresh products of Km0 proximity.
The technology to improve the customer experience
We are committed to technology as a tool for the implementation of novel solutions, always prioritizing the quality of our guests' experience, both in the hotel and through our platforms, digitizing processes, the introduction of artificial intelligence, new treatments to share the information or the application of techniques to ensure hygiene and cleanliness in our facilities.
Innovation as a roadmap
Innovation is part of our DNA. We constantly reinvent ourselves to improve and successfully meet the demands of our customers, whatever the reason for their trip is. Any occasion is a good one to redesign experiences and processes, and certainly in moments of change and transformation, solutions and opportunities must be the light that illuminates the way.