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Welcome toeurostars corporate

Choose the Corporate programme, choose Eurostars for your business trip.

At Eurostars, we want to make sure organising your business trip runs as smoothly as possible. We provide a global solution which includes accommodation suggestions, so we have designed a customised programme for companies and for organising events and catering, among others.

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Advantages of the corporate programme These are just some of the reasons why becoming part of our corporate programme makes a big difference.
  • Exclusive offers
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Personal workspace
  • Early check-in
  • Eat well at any time
  • Eurostars Corporate also on your holidays

Eurostars Corporate

  • 73 hotels in over 14 countries in 49 destinations
    We have hotels located in major capital cities and business destinations both in Spain and internationally.
  • Exclusive offers
    By becoming part of Eurostars Corporate, you will have access to numerous promotions and exclusive offers as well as any existing benefits such as exclusive advantages for reserving online: early booking, discounts, welcome drinks etc...
  • A home from home
    Enjoy all our comforts and amenities which ensure your business trip is a trouble-free experience. Also, our rooms have suitable work areas in case you need to extend your working day.
  • We work to ensure your events are a real success
    We work to ensure your events are a real success Choose us as your venue for business events, conventions, meetings and conferences. Eurostars hotels offer lounges and rooms to suit any occasion. You can also benefit from the support of a large team of professionals who ensure your meetings are a complete success.

The best hotels at your service Your work will involve travel

Eurostars offer you:
  • Free Wi-Fi connection in all hotels
  • Air-conditioned rooms with workspace
  • 24-hour room service
  • Safety deposit box available for guests
  • Breakfast buffet and express breakfast available
  • Parking arranged externally or within the hotel
  • Quick and easy check in and check out
  • Professional, qualified service.

Online reservation management

The most comprehensive portal at the service of your company.
    In our online space you can check your client history and manage your online reservations in real time and in complete comfort. Cancel or modify your reservations easily without problems.
    In the portal you will find all the complete information sheets including location maps, photo galleries, services and facilities.
    Book 24 hours a day using your pre-applied Eurostar Corporate special rates.
    Access your own workspace with restricted access and personalised usernames.

<strong>Eurostars Corporate</strong>Enjoying Business

Eurostars CorporateEnjoying Business

To maximise your pleasure of being a Eurostars guest, even on a business trip, all our services and facilities remain at your disposal so that you truly make the most of your moments of relaxation.
  • <strong class="blue">Fitness</strong>&Business
    Mens sana in corpore sano
    Just because you're away from home doesn't mean you have to neglect your fitness routine. That's why the vast majority of our hotels provide fully-equipped facilities for your physical activities. You will find all the information you need in the hotel information sheet.
  • <strong class="blue">Gourmet</strong>&Business
    Discover new flavours
    In our hotel restaurant you can indulge in our impeccable cuisine based on the high quality of our local ingredients and the recipes created. A sensory pleasure you'll be unable to resist.
    See restaurant >
  • <strong class="blue">Music</strong>&Business
    Inject some rhythm into your life
    In many Eurostars hotels you can enjoy a thoughtfully selected music programme designed to liven up your breakfasts or after-work moments. Check in which hotels you can enjoy live music.
  • <strong class="blue">Relax</strong>&Business
    Discover new flavours
    Consult our wide offering of relaxation activities and experiences in Eurostars Hotels. Indulge in our Spa and massage facilities and other treatments we have created with your well-being in mind.

eurostars corporate

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