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Eurostars Thalia
Narodní, 13 Praga 110 00 Czech Republic
Eurostars Thalia
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The Corner

Enlighten your nights in a space dedicated to relax, to experiences and to explore the most exquisite tastes. Let your nights be accompanied by live music, the best cocktails and an unbeatable gastronomic proposal.
The Corner

Eurostars Hotels presents its new gastronomic brand The Corner By Javier de las Muelas, an strategic alliance between the Dry Martini Organization and the chain.
The Corner By Javier de las Muelas is introduced as a new Brand and space where to taste not only the best cocktails created by the famous bartender, but also a varied tapas menu adapted to the local gastronomy of the cities.
With a dynamic, modern and exclusive spirit, The Corner By Javier de las Muelas will be at the best hotels of the Eurostars Hotels chain. An ideal place that shows the urban essence of the Eurostars Hotels chain.

Try our drinks and taste our lovely tapas .
Cocktails & More

The proposal elaborated by Javier de las Muelas for The Corner is inspired by the creativity and the development of new techniques, to the end of achieving unique and attractive tastes to a season full of special moments.
The Corner Menu includes cocktails from the project of Javier de las Muelas “Signature & Excentric”, two new and bold collections of combinations created to surprise the most discerning palates.

Discover our cocktails .
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