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Eurostars Residenza Cannaregio
da Cannaregio 3210/A con Calle dei Riformati 3210/A Venezia 30121 Italy
Eurostars Residenza Cannaregio
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Space is crucial, vital. Space is an area of action which limits and rules at the same time. Space is physical and mental, space is large or small, it has an extension and a location. Mastering it. Guiding it. Taming it and internalizing it. The space of an action and the physical space where that action unfolds. Leopardi’s “[..] endless spaces beyond there, and superhuman silences, and deep quiet [..]” echoes in my mind when I think about Gino Baffo and his way of working on canvas – place of introspection constrained by the finiteness of the object frame, but unlimited in the projection that continues well beyond this constraint. Hanging moments/ Attimi sospesi, at the renewed Residenza Cannaregio in Venice, is the ideal space for an exhibition in which browsing the recent Venetian artist’s production.

The new works, with the horizon in the foreground, are bright vistas, endless skies, bursts of color, instinct and matter. Surfaces, always the focal point of his artistic interest, are velvety jute fabrics – soft to the touch and durable by nature. These drapes breathe as if they are vibrantly alive, surfaces that are subjects without ever overstep the gaze, not covering it, unlike cradling it, letting it move freely and engulfed it within. Stretched on the floor, the canvases, naked, ready to be crossed by the artist, by his idea, by pigments, and ready to be used, physically strolled until rising by the action of painting, layer by layer. Shades, smears, strainers that Gino pours on the works become abstract compositions of a visionary landscape, looking for a place of boundless and absolute purity. It is never a basic transfer of color on the support, but a form of actual representation that doesn’t fear the void. It’s the universe of a lively relationship that is built step-by-step and is accomplished in a heated dusk, in a burning vesper, in dense and dark clouds or serene views.

Mastering his own visions without overdoing, this is the artist’s process: to stop just before reaching the limit. Baffo enhances the current time with tangible daily transits; in his paintings there’s reality/energy of each day filtered by observation. He’s celebrating Venice, his work’s subject obsession, in the most intimate spirit of a intensely lived Laguna, when sky touches water and becomes solid matter, that instant when everything melts and transcends, in which the light bursts deaf in a multitude of hues, from sunrise to sunset. Spontaneity of gestures complements a difficult and refined technique as glazing, which gives the works a fine transparency, a certain thickness and absolute depth.

In these “hanging moments” motion and stillness are elevated by the stylistically biting talent of Gino Baffo in a composition that is exciting, eloquent, and harmonious at once. Few movements provide the highest intensity up to unfold themselves in a boundless space of images and memories that flow faint on the skin of our experiences.

Text by Gaia Conti

Opening: Friday 12th May, 18pm

Dates: From 13th May to 26th November 2017

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