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Eurostars Ramblas
Las Ramblas 22-24 Barcelona 08002 Spain
Eurostars Ramblas
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Interactive room

Can you imagine falling asleep listening to the sound of ocean waves on a desert island? Or do you prefer counting sheep? The Shine Interactive Room offers you these experiences and many more.

Come and be part of a pioneer experience we are kicking off exclusively at Eurostars Ramblas. Experience a new way of watching TV in a large format. Discover the city browsing massive 3D maps projected over the wall or transform the room with background and accompaniment contents.

These are some of the functionalities that Shine offers you:

Customize your room
Transform your room thanks to powerful audiovisual and visual effect pieces and travel to new places and scenes.

Discover Barcelona
Enjoy 3D great dimension maps through which you can explore the city on an immersive way like never before.

With this app you can adjust your room through different colour programs to reach a suitable background in accordance with your mood.

Your mind and body will always be ready. Visualise guided sensory fitness sessions that will help you to start the morning with energy and to sleep better at night.

Your pictures, great moments. With Shine you can see your images and pictures like you have never seen before.

This option allows you to visualise contents and apps in your phone, tablet or PC projected over the wall.

Have access to all TV channels. Enjoy your favourite TV programs with the best image definition.

Good night
Would you like to sleep with the sound of waves? Or would you prefer counting little sheep? Choose between the options we have selected for you and get ready to achieve the best rest.

Try them and compete with yourself with the mental ability games Shine has for you.

Everything close at hand

All these experiences are under your control from your phone by downloading Shine Smart Room app for iOS/Android and following the easy steps that we will explain you at the hotel.

Download it now for iOS or Android
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