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Eurostars Palacio de Cristal
Calle Policarpo Herrero, s/n Oviedo 33006 Spain
Eurostars Palacio de Cristal
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Our Spa
This space is thought to relax and enjoy this moment, dedicated to you and your wellbeing. A place created to release the tensions generated on the daily basis, for you to break away and relax at our facilities and with our specialised treatments.

You can start on the spa circuit and let yourself go in the whirlpool bath. Then, you can continue on the Turkish bath and the Finnish sauna. Here you will also find showers to do the temperature contrast.

Monday to Friday from 5pm to 10pm.
Closed on Sunday.
* Treatments must be booked at least 24 hours in advance.
We have designed a specific program for every part of your body. From stimulating legs circulation to relax and tone the facial expression and relax any accumulated back tension.

Revitalizing massage

25 min. – €27 | 50 min. – €42
This fantastic massage is able to activate the organism by eliminating muscle aches due physical or mental efforts or stress. It is perfect to relax muscles from daily tension.

Facial Massage

25 min. – €27
When stimulating the blood circulation of the facial tissues the muscle tone improves, which contributes to define the face outline and to reflect a relaxed and toned expression.

Wellbeing Massage

25 min. – €27 | 50 min. – €42
This massage works on a physical and mental level, helping to reduce tension and increasing a relaxed and wellbeing feeling. It is ideal for contractures and muscle fatigue. It can be on the back, legs or both.

Firming Massage

25 min. – €27 | 50 min. – €42
This massage is performed with fast and energetic movements which are combined with the application of a firming cream to activate the muscle tone and to bring vigour and a smoothness sensation back to the skin.

Anti-cellulite Massage

25 min. – €27 | 50 min. – €42
It is performed by applying intense and ascending movements together with specific products that prevent cellulite from developing. It facilitates eliminating fatty deposits by improving the circulatory system.

Legs Circulatory Massage

25 min. – €27 | 50 min. – €42
This is performed with movements that facilitate and improve the venous return after a long day at work or after physical activity by combining it with the application of a cold gel.
This fantastic proposal is a combination of treatments that will allow you to relax and disconnect.
The treatment consists on a Spa Circuit and a massage (to choose among those available on the menu).

Cristal Experience

Circuit + Massage
25 min. – €35

Cristal Plus Experience

Circuit + Massage
50 min. – €49