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Eurostars Isla de la Toja
Isla de La Toja, s/n Isla De La Toja - Pontevedra 36991 Spain
Eurostars Isla de la Toja
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Clínica La Toja

Health and wellness by the sea

The Clínica La Toja is just a stone’s throw from the hotel and specialises in the prevention and treatment of diseases and conditions, as well as in beauty and body care, cultivating comprehensive well-being and meeting the specific needs of every individual.

The facilities have cutting-edge-technology equipment that can be adapted to many different kinds of treatments and therapies, achieving great outcomes and guaranteeing the best experiences.
Clinical specialties
All the departments of the Clínica La Toja are run by experts renowned in their fields, who apply the most effective techniques and treatments:

• General medicine and nutrition
• Physiotherapy and osteopathy
• Aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery
• Odontology and maxillofacial surgery
• Hair transplant surgery
• Vascular surgery

The Clínica La Toja programmes combine health and beauty treatments with stays at the Eurostars Gran Hotel La Toja, offering the best personalised monitoring and the chance to spend a few days resting and disconnecting.

• Express Detox Plan
• La Toja Detox Plan
• La Toja Classic Plan
• La Toja Express Beauty Plan
• La Toja Plastic Surgery Plan
• La Toja Perfect Smile Plan