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        Our spa

        Thalassotherapy is a global technique that provides a decrease in pain and notable improvement in many pathologies. From a curative or preventative point of view, it is especially indicated for chronic conditions or simply pains of a muscular-articular and circulatory nature. On the other hand, the exceptional richness of the sea and the marine elements and mineral salts contribute efficiently to eliminate the body’s deficiencies.

        Our visit begins with the thermal route including the sauna and Turkish bath. From there, you will go to the dynamic seawater pool, where you will enjoy a hydromassage with underwater jets at different heights, general stimulation with the geysers and Hydromassage bathtub, and cervical and dorsal relaxation with the waterfall and swan neck. As a finishing touch, you will find a tasty infusion in the relaxation area.

        Opening hours

        • From 1 July to 30 September (inclusive):
          Monday to Friday: 10:00 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 20:00.
          Saturdays: 10:00 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 21:00.
          Sundays: 10:00 to 14:00.

          October, November and December
          Wednesday to Saturday: 10:00 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 20:00.
          Sundays: 10:00 to 14:00.

        More information

        Book a treatment

        If you want to book, you can get in touch with us by calling (+34) 942 29 10 25 or by sending an email to talasoterapia@eurostarshotelreal.com.

        Useful information

        Making noise, running and using the pools as a play area is strictly forbidden. You’ll have to leave the circuit 15 minutes before closing time. Filling out a medical questionnaire to avoid possible contraindications is mandatory. Accidents caused by slips are the guest’s responsibility. To avoid them, we advise you to be careful as the floor is wet. The minimum required age to access the circuit is 4 years old. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult and will be under their responsibility. We don’t recommend children enter the sauna, steam room and Hydromassage bathtub or use the whirlpool jets. Any person accessing the centre accepts its rules.

        Necessary equipment

        Swimsuit, swimming cap and flip flops. We sell all of these items.

        Cancellation and expiration

        Please let us know as soon as possible. If you cancel less than 24 hours before your scheduled treatment, you’ll have to pay for the session. The centre won’t be responsible for the services related to expired vouchers.

        *We ask that you arrive 10 minutes before your appointment.
        *The centre will establish the order of the treatments.
        *If a guest is late, the treatments will be shorter and must be paid in full.

        Opening hours

        More information

        • Thalasso Marine Circuit
            90' | Guests: € 20 | Non hosted clients: € 30
          • “Hidrojet” water bed
            • 25 min36€
          • Vichy shower massage with seawater
            • 25 min60€
          • Sea-water pressure jet
            • 15 min30€
          • Real Massage
            • 70 min110€
            Unique and exclusive. Full body treatment; from your toes to your scalp. A true pleasure for the senses.
          • Relaxing massage
            • 25 min48€
            • 55 min84€
            Helps relieve tension and combat stress, achieving a state of overall relaxation.
          • Sport massage
            • 25 min48€
            • 55 min84€
            The techniques used release accumulated tension in the muscle and tendon structures, constituting an excellent treatment for both before and after a competition.
          • Anti-cellulite massage
            • 25 min48€
            • 55 min84€
            Using deep and energetic movements, this massage combats the orange peel effect and reduces accumulated fatty tissue.
          • Circulatory massage
            • 25 min48€
            • 55 min84€
            This massage acts on the legs, stimulating venous return to drastically reduce the tired leg feeling.
          • Head and facial massage
            • 25 min48€
            • 55 min84€
            Acts on the face, scalp and neck area, releasing accumulated tension, helping to reduce headaches and other associated symptoms.
          • Lymphatic drainage (Vodder)
            • 55 min84€
            Using Dr Vodder's famous manual techniques, this massage effectively treats oedema and fluid retention, encouraging lymphatic and blood circulation.
          • Facial lymphatic drainage
            • 25 min48€
            The massage acts as a pump, encouraging the removal of toxins and stimulating the lymphatic system. Especially indicated to fight wrinkles and as post-surgical treatment.
          • Therapeutic massage
              This therapy is indicated for the treatment of joint and muscle injuries, both for healing and prevention purposes.
            • Cranial osteopathy
                During this session, which should be prescribed by a therapist, it is possible to reactivate healing mechanisms and restore the body's balance, helping to alleviate a multitude of ailments.
              • Ayurveda herbal massage
                  With techniques inspired by India and the Kingdom of Siam, this ritual consists of a full body massage, from the head to the feet, using warm floral sachets to relieve physical and mental stress.
                • Bamboo cane massage
                    Bamboo canes help to firm and tone the skin, helping to fight cellulite and reshape the figure.
                  • Hot stone massage
                    • 70 min110€
                    This therapy using volcanic stones will transport you to a complete state of relaxation, eliminating pain and stress.
                  • Balinese massage
                    • 70 min110€
                    In Balinese massages, marma points are stimulated, achieving multiple benefits, primarily physical and mental relaxation.
                  • Thai massage
                    • 70 min110€
                    The renowned techniques of Thai massage are based on energy and holistic principles to rebalance life force energy. After the session, you will feel a deep sense of harmony and balance. (You need to wear comfortable clothes).
                  • Foot reflexology
                    • 45 min70€
                    • 45 min70€
                    Stimulating the body’s reflex points represented on the feet, this ancient technique manages to release tensions and calm ailments throughout the body.
                  • Prenatal massage
                    • 55 min84€
                    Using gentle strokes, this special massage for pregnant women activates blood circulation and relaxes tension, helping to make the experience of pregnancy feel more enjoyable and harmonious.
                  • Draining seaweed wrap
                    • 30 min66€
                    It activates your metabolism, helping to eliminate toxins. It tones and slims thanks to its anti-cellulite effect. Heat effect.
                  • Mud wrap
                    • 30 min66€
                    Anti-inflammatory, analgesic and mineralising. It soothes muscle, bone and tendon pain. Heat effect.
                  • Chocolate wrap
                    • 30 min66€
                    Nutritive and relaxing.
                  • Botanical body wrap
                    • 30 min66€
                    Detoxifying, remineralising, revitalising, draining and decongestant.
                  • Cryogenic marine wrap
                    • 30 min66€
                    Circulatory, draining, anti-cellulite and firming.
                  • Body scrub
                    • 25 min42€
                    Restorative and regenerative action.
                  • Body Hydration
                    • 55 min72€
                    Sea salt scrub + moisturising body massage.
                  • Pressotherapy
                    • 25 min45€
                    Especially indicated for alterations in the circulatory system, this medical-aesthetic treatment relieves tired legs, spider veins, cellulite and other discomforts.
                  • Ultrasound session
                    • 15 min30€
                    The use of ultrasound to accelerate the healing of ligament and tendon injuries should be determined by the therapist.
                  • Express chair massage
                    • 15 min30€
                    In just 15 minutes, this massage performed in an ergonomic chair relieves tension and reduces muscle discomfort.
                  • Deep facial hygiene
                    • 55 min96€
                  • Customised facial treatment of choice
                    • 55 min108€
                  • Express facial treatment of choice
                    • 25 min60€
                  • Athlete’s special
                    • 95 min130€
                    This programme is geared towards physical recovery after intense exercise, helping to relieve muscle tension. Includes pressure jet, hydrojet and 55-minute sports massage.
                  • La vita è bella (Life is beautiful)
                    • 105 min130€
                    An indulgence of beauty and relaxation for the body. Includes Vichy shower massage, foot reflexology and express facial treatment.
                  • Back special
                    • 70 min130€
                    Relieves back pain and restores tissue mobility. Includes pressure jet, mud wrap and therapeutic back massage.
                  • Body wellness
                    • 95 min130€
                    This programme focuses on balancing both body and mind, achieving a unique sense of harmony. Includes hydrojet, foot reflexology and head and facial massage.
                  • Tired legs
                    • 60 min130€
                    For those who suffer from swelling and discomfort in the legs, this treatment is ideal as it activates circulation, improves venous return and reduces inflammation. Includes pressure jet, circulatory massage and pressotherapy.
                  • Before/after sun
                    • 105 min1€
                    Perfect to make a tan last longer and to protect the skin from the sun, keeping it hydrated and glowing. Includes body hydration, seaweed wrap and express facial vitamin C treatment.
                  • Sea Cure
                    • 115 min75€
                    “Sea Thalasso” circuit + Thalasso massage of your choice: relaxing, deep-tissue, anti-cellulite or leg drainage.
                  • Light of the Cantabrian Sea
                    • 160 min130€
                    “Sea Thalasso” circuit and Real Massage, our star treatment, in which we treat the whole body from toes to scalp.
                  • Chocolate Indulgence
                    • 90 min115€
                    Body scrub + Chocolate wrap + massage with warm oil and aromatherapy
                  • Aloe volcanic indulgence
                    • 90 min125€
                    This detox treatment helps remove toxic agents that damage the skin, such as stress, pollution or free radicals, thanks to the action of aloe vera and volcanic lava.
                  • Sea Beauty
                    • 90 min125€
                    Vichy shower, neuro-sedative massage with oil under a shower of hot sea water + Customised facial treatment of your choice.
                  • Men’s special
                    • 85 min110€
                    This programme especially for men includes a Vichy shower massage with warm seawater, an express facial treatment, and a hydro-jet waterbed massage.
                  • Orange ritual
                    • 70 min95€
                    The ritual includes a sea salt and orange essential oil body exfoliation, a fusion shower with seawater and exfoliant removal, as well as an express vitamin C facial treatment.
                  • Sea Thalasso Circuit Vouchers
                      Conditions: Transferable voucher. Valid Monday to Sunday. Expiry: 1 year from the purchase date of the voucher. Free access to the gym. 10 sessions: €200 | 20 sessions: €300
                    • Massage vouchers
                        10 Thalasso 25-min massages: €399 | 20 Thalasso 25-min massages: €699
                      • Pressotherapy vouchers
                          10 25-min sessions: €399 | 20 25-min sessions: €599
                        • Hydrojet vouchers
                            10 25-min sessions: €250 | 20 25-min sessions: €450
                          • Lymphatic drainage vouchers
                              10 25-min sessions: €350 | 20 25-min sessions: €650
                            • Kid's Thalasso
                              • 45 min15€
                              Kid’s “Sea Thalasso” circuit (4-14 year olds). Kid’s hours are from 4 pm to 5.30 pm. They must always be under the supervision of an adult.