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Eurostars Conquistador
MAGISTRAL GONZALEZ FRANCES 15-17 Córdoba 14003 Spain
Eurostars Conquistador
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Cordoba-style courtyard

Enjoy the architecture, the weather and the purest essence of the city in our gorgeous patio cordobés.

The patios are the signature element of Córdoba and southern Spain. They are uncovered spaces that provide light and airing to the houses. Beyond the definition of the word, a patio cordobés is the core of family life. It is one of the most characteristic legacies of roman and Islamic culture. The centre of the house, a representation of the Garden of Paradise, a place full of flowers and greenery; every patio is a magic place.

In our patio you will find a union of water, light and vegetation, a unique space that transmits the past of the city and transports visitors to earlier times. This genuine place has a perfect atmosphere, being one of the most charming corners of the hotel. Our beautiful patio is the heart around which the whole hotel is set up. It is ideal to celebrate dinners and soirées to remember and, when the warmer days arrive, you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner in this delightful corner.

During the month of May, you can enjoy the Courtyard Festival and many other celebrations where the patios of Córdoba, including the one in Eurostars Conquistador, are dressed up. Discover Córdoba at its greatest!
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