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Eurostars Centrum Alicante
Calle Pintor Lorenzo Casanova, 33-35 Alicante 03003 Spain
Contact & map
How to get to the hotel
Eurostars Centrum Alicante hotel is located in the centre of Alicante, in a commercial and leisure area that’s very close to the marina and enjoys excellent public transport connections.

From the train station:
The hotel is a few minutes on foot from the train station of Alicante. To get there, you have to head southwest along Avenida de Salamanca until you reach Plaza de la Estrella. Then turn left onto Churruca Street. When you arrive at the intersection with Pintor Lorenzo Casanova Street, turn left again and you’ll find the hotel a few metres down.

From the airport:
The closest airport to the hotel is the Alicante - Elche Airport, which is just 12 kilometres away. To get to the hotel, you have to take the N-338 and then continue on to the N-332, following the signs to Alicante. Take the Avenida de Loring exit and change direction at Paseo de los Mártires in order to go back to Avenida de Loring and turn left on to Pintor Aparicio Street. Keep going until you get to Pintor Lorenzo Casanova Street, turn left and you’ll find the hotel.