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Eurostars Auriense
Alto do Cumial, 12 Ourense 32915 Spain
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The hotel, with a bus stop outside the entrance, is just 5 minutes from the city centre. Orense always causes surprise. In scarcely a minute, the time it takes to go from the Roman Bridge to the Ponte Millenium, one can travel from ancient Auriense to a dynamic city open to the 21st century, and, from this point enter into a magical experience, wandering through the alleyways of the historical centre. Emblematic places like the Plaza del Trigo, Eironciño dos Cabaleiros, St. Martin's Cathedral, the Alameda Avenue or Posío gardens are obligatory halts on the urban route. And don't forget to visit our much-admired? Burgas', the thermal springs so typical of Orense.

Further afield, the hotel is situated in an excellent area for exploring scenic locations of amazing beautyoften enough completely unknown, such as the Baixa Limia Nature Park, a Biosphere Reserve; the enigmatic Támega basin; the Invernadeiro in the heart of the central mountainous massif of Orense and the always impressive Sil canyons on the Ribeira Sacra where the river, rocks and vineyards are intertwined in one of Galicia's most spectacular landscapes.