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The taste of Eurostars Hotels


The taste of Eurostars Hotels

Eurostars Hotels offers much more than a choice of stylish accommodation. When you choose an Eurostars hotel you can also enjoy the high quality food on offer, which includes a range of seasonal menus and a carefully-selected wine list and cocktail menu. From a late lunch in your room to a tasting menu in one of our renowned restaurants, our staff will focus their efforts on making sure your expectations are always met.
The corner The pleasure of a good cocktail
There is nothing better than finishing off a long day with a delicious cocktail in hand. At Eurostars Hotels we specialise in creating delicious combinations of flavours and colours in a relaxing and friendly environment. Enjoy our exclusive spaces and visit The Corner by Javier de las Muelas. The bar aims to restore the art of cocktail making with a contemporary twist.
The Corner.
Taking care of the details The taste of Eurostars
In the hotel restaurants you can enjoy meals made with the best quality products, locally-sourced raw materials, and an extensive menu in which local delicacies are the main feature. Because one way of discovering your destination is at the dinner table.
With the best Signature products
Eurostars Hotels offers a wide range of exclusive, high-quality Deli products that are produced for Eurostars. They are available in all of our hotels, whether as a welcome snack, or to enjoy at the minibar. Make the most of them!
The best Good Morning
At Eurostars we try to celebrate each new day with a smile on our face. Our breakfasts are specially designed with this in mind, and the smell of good coffee combines with toasted bread, freshly-squeezed juice and an extensive choice of pastries, meats, cheese and dairy products. The best 'Good Morning' you can get. Enjoy it!