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What is The Corner?

A bar, a space…or maybe a mood? Discover it in 11 destinations

THE PROJECT The Corner by Javier de las Muelas
Eurostars Hotels releases The Corner by Javier de las Muelas, a new design of cocktail bartending marked by the signature of this prestigious mix tender. The dinning challenge of the company -which can be enjoyed all year round-, appears in an exclusive selection of the best hotels in Spain, Europe and Latin America.

The Corner opens its doors to guests and external audience from its location on the hotels’ lobby, becoming a magic place to enjoy the best brunches or vermouths in the area. Besides, taking advantage of its opening in summer, the Corner will be located in the terrace of some of these hotels to get a vast and excellent cocktail bartending service.

Together with its own offer of drinks, designed by Javier de las Muelas, the proposal includes a delicious selection of dishes and tapas as accompaniments that depends on the hotel location. It is a unique and exclusive collaboration to discover the best flavour of our travel in every corner.
THE MENU Cocktails & More
The suggestion designed by Javier de las Muelas for The Corner is inspired in the creativity and the development of new techniques, in order to get unique and attractive flavours for a season full of special moments.

During this 2015, the list of The Corner adds cocktails from Javier de las Muelas’s project, "Signature & Excentric", two new and daring collections of cocktails created to surprise the most demanding palates.
PROGRAM The Corner Experience
Discover your hotel and your destination in an incredible and exclusive way. Don't forget to check The Corner’s programming at your hotel, to enjoy a "far from usual" stay.

At Eurostars Grand Marina 5* GL, we offer our guests and clients a programme focused in live music, such as live jazz sessions while you enjoy a magnificent landscape from the Black Marina.

At Eurostars Palace 5* Hotel, we offer our guests and clients a dinning range without forgetting to offer you the best of the Córdoba’s night.

At Eurostars Berlin Luxury Class hotel, we also include a wide range of cocktails that can be tasted at the modern lobby bar.

At Eurostars Grand Central 4* hotel, in Munich, you will pamper yourself with classic cocktails and the most special brands, which would surprise the most demanding palates.

At Eurostars Book Hotel 4*, you will accompany your nights at the heart of Europe with live music, the best cocktails and an unbeatable dining offer.

At Eurostars Thalia Hotel 5*, we propose you to explore the best flavours of cocktail bartendering, which are combined with the universe of luxury, elegance, design and class that this wonderful neoclassic palace offers.

At Eurostars Das Letras 5*, you will be able to enjoy the unique and attractive flavours of The Corner, located in the lobby and also the exclusive outdoor terrace.

Enjoy The Corner, at Eurostars Hotels, each one with their own and original programming.

Check the weekend programming at Hotel Eurostars Grand Marina 5* GL.
OUR LOCATIONS Eurostars Hotels
Discover the bar of The Corner, at the lobby of the best Eurostars Hotels, which will surprise you all year round with a delicious and varied service of brunches, vermouths and cocktail bartending. You will enjoy this exclusive dining hallmark at the following national and international cities of Eurostar Hotels:

Barcelona (Eurostars Grand Marina 5* G.L.)
Córdoba (Hotel Eurostars Palace 5*)
Granada (Eurostars Washington Irving)
Isla de la Toja (Eurostars Gran Hotel la Toja)
Berlín (Eurostars Berlín Luxury Class)
Múnich (Eurostars Grand Central 4* y Eurostars Book Hotel 4*)
Bruselas (Eurostars Montgomery)
Praga (Eurostars Thalia 5*)
Lisboa (Eurostars Das Letras 5*)

The Corner
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