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Information Zaragoza

All the value of Zaragoza is condensed in the history that goes from the primitive settlement of Caesar Augusta to the modern city resulting from the International Exposition; entailing a trip of more than two millennium. Some of the most important human civilizations that man has known lay on the natural environment where the city of Zaragoza is located.

Zaragoza is not understood without the Ebro, which is the beginning and end of the ancestral importance in the city. From these waters the economic and spiritual life of its inhabitants still flows. Over the Ebro stands the Basilica del Pilar, the icon of Zaragoza, a monumental baroque cut with a Romanesque and Gothic past that that remains influential and does not wash away like the waters from the Ebro.

In addition to the Basilica del Pilar, in Zaragoza there are many things to do and see that can be undertaken by foot. Zaragoza is a city with attractions such as La Seo, the Aljafería Palace or La Lonja, all relatively close to each other and separated only by long avenues where it is possible to find shops, bars and restaurants that invite to enjoy the gastronomy and contrived animosity.

The traveler finds in Zaragoza an exciting environment full of surprises to explore. It is in the luxury hotels in Zaragoza from which to venture into the experiences Zaragoza assures. Enjoy exclusive luxury hotels in Zaragoza with one of the proposals that Eurostars Hotels will have to offer in the Windy City.

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Los Fayos 11 , Zaragoza
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Bari, 27 , Zaragoza
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