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April Fair Seville’s April fair combines flamenco and Sevillanas folk dances with ham, fried fish with chamomile and fine wine tasting in an environment that ensures fun among lots of people, horses and women in costumes.

When? One week in late April.
Flamenco. It is impossible to understand southern Spain without understanding flamenco as a cultural manifestation. Flamenco combines magic, art and race. It is the main distinctive cultural symbol of Andalusia, a guide for popular feelings that offers insights into the depths of the soul., Seville is the Andalusian capital of flamenco.

Numerous Tablaos in the city offer live flamenco performances in which music and dance are combined, there is even the possibility of attending a flamenco show with dinner included. Attending an evening of flamenco in Seville is an event that can be enjoyed throughout the year.
Soccer. Apart from the bullfighting passion, Seville has the heart divided into two soccer halves: the one belonging to Real Betis Balompié and the one belonging to the Sevilla Fútbol Club. Betis or Sevilla. You can not love or be fond of the two clubs. However, the visitors themselves can enjoy this healthy sporting rivalry in the conversations, bars, local characters and matches that are played in stadiums belonging to such clubs. In each soccer field we can enjoy the flood of emotions that football generates in a particular way, with the singularities that the Seville character prints into soccer matches.
Sevici. Sevilla can be accessed via Sevici, the city’s bicycle rental park. Sevici is a public transport system that represents a real transformation in Seville’s urban transportation. The use of bicycles is very easy. The city of Seville is full of bicycle parking stations that are used by users of Sevici. Bicycles can be used, moved and parked throughout the city. Sevici is a convenient way to travel. Sevici allows you to get to know Seville and its many attractions from another point of view . "
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