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    Sherry wine tasting
    Many attributes give a just reputation to the Costa de la Luz but in between them, the production of sherry wine is one of the most significant outside its borders. The sherry is a product appreciated by some of the most demanding palates and it is a way of understand the British culture.

    A tour of the wineries in the region is a good proposal to approach the best sherry wine produced in the world. The Costa de la Luz is full of sherry wineries from which the visitor can discover the manufacturing process and subsequent tastings.
    Doñana National Park
    Declared as Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage, in the Doñana National Park diverse ecosystems coexist between marshes, dunes, sandy beaches and forests.

    Strolling down its ways allows the visitor to enjoy an endless and fertile nature, which multiplies the emotions of an absolutely unparalleled and unique location in Europe.

    Exploring the ecological diversity of Doñana National Park is a unique opportunity to approach one of the best examples of conservation of natural resources and wealth in Europe.
    Castles Route
    Around the towns and counties of the Natural Park of Aracena and Picos de Aroche, the visitor can make an interesting route for exploring the castles of Huelva that to the present days are erected with a high level of conservation and cultural value.

    The Route of the Castles of Huelva is composed of the following castles: Almonater, Aracena, Aroche, Cala, Cortegana, Cumbres de San Bartolome Cumbres Mayores, Encinasola, Santa Olalla del Cala and Zufre. It represents a journey through the rural Huelva that allows approaching the interior of the province, always popular and accessible to travelers.
    Rio Tinto
    The name of the region of Ríotinto is associated since antiquity with the important mineral wealth of Huelva. The mines of the Rio Tinto evoke the exploitation of resources from an undulating landscape, rocky and open to the sky.

    Currently, the Rio Tinto Mining Park has a playful side that allows visitors to enjoy activities and scheduled visits that explain the reality of the mine, being especially interesting the visit to the dazzling Corta Atalaya, the English District and the mine Peña del Hierro.

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